Electrical contracter prioritises ease-of-use, quality and tape economy

Sadler Electrical Contractors Ltd

Specialising in high-end domestic properties, Sadler Electrical’s customers expect the highest quality tradesmanship and a premium finish. Clear labelling is an essential component for Sadler Electrical in terms of complying with safety regulations, but the company had struggled to find a solution that conveyed key safety information

Sadler Electrical Contractors Ltd

Sadler Electrical are domestic, commercial and industrial electricians, with a reputation for incredibly high quality work, and taking pride in every element of each job, including those that aren’t visible to customers.

The company recently completed work on a private garage that had been fitted out to replicate a Formula 1 pit stop. This ‘money-no-object’ brief came with the instruction that the owner required power sockets and specific lighting that matched the rest of the project. Sadler Electrical sourced vintage light fittings, switches and sockets, and completed these with stylish metal trunking and conduits, making a feature out of the wiring itself.


Sadler Electrical is always looking for ways to improve the overall customer experience, and to ensure the delivery of its jobs is as efficient as possible. “We had a perfectly functional label printer before,” explains Rob Sadler, Owner of Sadler Electrical. “There was no real need to replace it, but when we saw the Epson LabelWorks LW-Z710 being shown at ELEX show in Harrogate, we immediately recognised its potential to improve our workflow as well as the visual aesthetics of our labels for customers. Being able to print one continuous label for Distribution Boards looks so much neater than a dozen individual labels. It’s also much clearer for customers, and makes it easier for them to find the circuit breaker that they need.”

Another benefit is tape economy, with the Epson LabelWorks range offering a 55% lower total cost of ownership vs some competitor label makers. Automatic cutting also means less wasted tape, as well as neater edges and consistent margins.

The App

“One of the things we really appreciate is the added benefit of seamless Bluetooth connectivity that works in the background while you create, recall and print labels” explains Rob. “No more faff of having to drop all device connections, connect to my device via wi-fi then disconnect from the labeller and reconnect to 4G after my labelling jobs were completed. I also no longer lose internet access while connected to my printer. Setting up templates and having the history function where you can go back through previous labels and reprint is great for visual consistency, and preparing labels in advance on the app is brilliant for saving time on site and making workflow that bit more efficient. Having multiple users is great as well, as two of us can be setting up labels at the same time.”

With its flexible connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB, users can download the free Epson Datacom and iLabel apps to create and print labels directly from an iOS or Android device.