Restaurant chain sets up responsive online shop using intelligent POS print

TM-T88V iHub offers a compact, extremely reliable and highly flexible solution

When Bone’s restaurant chain in Denmark updated its cash registers and online retail, a key part of the solution was the intelligent Epson TM-T88V-iHub, which is able to constantly monitor online orders and ensure that they are all captured and printed immediately.

"We bought an exciting solution that allowed us to use iPads as cash registers, but we needed to link up our takeaway solutions to our cash registers and a POS printer," says Jan Laursen, director and co-owner of Bone's.

The solution was a combination of POS system and an intelligent POS printer from Epson, the TM-T88V-iHub. Integration between the various elements was developed and implemented by the system developer, Crunch IT, ensuring that the whole package worked as a complete solution.

"What we ended up with was a truly exciting solution that was both straightforward and advanced. Straightforward, because we can connect new units without having to call in IT consultants to our restaurants, and advanced, because it can be regularly expanded and new functions can be easily developed and coupled up," explains Laursen.

Efficient online shop

One of the big challenges a chain such as Bone's has is that the takeaway element of the business has to run as efficiently as possible.

The online ordering system used to have to be checked for new orders manually and then printed out, which was not the best way to do things.

"The new POS printer from Epson gives us a receipt solution that can be set up without any form of programming to continuously check the online shop for new orders, and then print them out," explains Mathias Maimann, partner at Crunch IT.

The small, intelligent POS printer has a wide range of functions, making it highly attractive to use for POS implementations like the one at Bone’s. The fact that the printer is constantly online gives reassurance to Bone’s.

"Because the printer is always online and continuously checks for new orders to be printed out, it has made our online business more efficient, and we have a guarantee that we will not miss an online order," says Laursen.

The developer has also ensured that Bone’s restaurants will not receive orders they cannot meet within the time they have.

"Our takeaway solution is so well set up that the ordering system knows how many orders can be received per hour – something which the individual restaurant can decide. This prevents customers placing an order which there is no capacity to fulfil before they want to collect it," explains Maimann.

A simple and elegant solution

The system was set up first in a single restaurant, where it was adapted and adjusted to meet Bone’s requirements. Crunch IT then assisted with installation in the next couple of restaurants.

"Bone's were then able to set up the solution themselves. At that time, the solution had been standardised and required no special expertise to set up," explains Maimann.

This meant that the entire process of implementing the new system in all Bone’s’ restaurants was completed within eight to nine months.

"It was an easy and smooth installation, and I am delighted about the entire process and the result," states Laursen.

Because the whole system runs using a cloud solution, no physical installation is required in the actual restaurants, making the whole thing efficient and flexible – something Laursen appreciates.

"It means that we can always add new units, cash registers and a POS printer ourselves quite easily, without having to call on the help of IT engineers," he says.

The new solution also means that Bone’s gained the opportunity to look at data across several systems.

"Our business has always been good at finding simple solutions – and we have had many installed. But none of them could communicate with each other to let us compare data. This meant that we were unable to analyse purchasing patterns. But we can now with the new system," says Laursen. "Now we can finally generate add-on sales when our online customers come to pay – an option we did not have before."

A standardised solution

Bone’s now has a highly advanced solution that links the entire business together with a new website, online shop, cash registers and POS printers. Crunch IT has taken that solution and developed it into a standalone package.

"That means that any size of restaurant and pizzeria can have their own online takeaway for their websites. Using an Epson TM-T88V-iHub printer for the outlet and a custom designed front-end for their website, they are quickly up and running, including capacity management, online payment and so on. Everything is standardised and all for a fixed monthly fee. Simple and elegant," explains Maimann.