Re-Art creates high-quality art reproductions with Epson printers

Versatility and quality has made Re-Art renowned across Europe

Re-Art creates high-quality art reproductions with Epson printers

The Re-Art print studio specialises in printing for artists, photographers, museums and galleries. The studio is internationally renowned as an innovator in the field of fine art printing.

Re-Art combines 25 years of experience in producing top-quality traditional lithographs and art photographs with the research and use of the latest applications and printing techniques. The Re-Art studio is aimed at the highest level of fine art printing, and it can count international artists and photographers amongst its clientele. The studio's director, Marcel Salome, exclusively uses Epson printers, which allows him to create art reproductions that are barely distinguishable from the original. 

Epson prints are head and shoulders above the rest

Re-Art is part of the select group of certified studios used by the German paper manufacturer Hahnemühle. This puts it among the top digital fine art printers worldwide. Producers regularly use Re-Art to test materials, paper and printers to see whether they meet the stringent requirements for printing art. For those reasons, Re-Art has never used anything but Epson printers.

Salome explains, "Before I started this company, I worked with other makes of printers for some time. They were often unstable, and they didn't always deliver the best results. We are looking for the very best quality, and once canvas printers became more widespread for example, the difference in results with other makes became clear. The prints I'm getting from Epson printers are head and shoulders above the rest. Their results are also consistent, which is why we're one of Epson's long-term customers. Ever since 2007, we've been nothing but happy using the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 and the Epson Stylus Pro 9890. Those printers have really proven themselves as the mainstays of our production."

Accurate colour profile configuration

Choosing a printer is not a quick process for Salome. "Having a new printer every year is no use to us. We often deal with series, and our customers want to see end products that are indistinguishable. If we were to change our printers regularly, we wouldn't be able to guarantee colour continuity, for example."

"We are currently testing the new Epson SureColor SC-P20000, which is the Stylus Pro 11880's successor, and the results are really promising. Differences in colour nuances with our other printers can be resolved using the wide range of colour management options. Epson allows you to be as accurate as you need with colour profiles, and we're really making the most of this.”

Epson's versatility and quality makes Re-Art renowned across Europe

The excellent results Re-Art has been achieving with its Epson printers aren't just attractive to artists. Some leading suppliers have also approached the company, which has turned Re-Art into a real pioneer. Salome explains, "Take giclée art printing. This printing method meets the very highest requirements set by artists, museums and art collectors. Some museums even display giclée reproductions instead of original artworks. Thanks in part to the versatility and quality of Epson printers, we have been able to make this printing method renowned across Europe."

Printing every possible colour with Epson

Even after 25 years, Salome still finds satisfaction in reproducing artworks. "It's great when we can deliver excellent results for photographers, but unlike artists, they don't have a point of reference; artists can compare with the original like for like. They can create every colour imaginable with their paint, and it's a great feeling to be able to match that exactly with Epson printers."