Provinzial insurance broker relies on Epson inkjet printing

Won over by a WorkForce Pro business inkjet

Provinzial insurance broker relies on Epson inkjet printing

Provinzial is using an inkjet printer for the first time, and is impressed by its productivity and quality.

Provinzial offers a wide range of insurance services for every area of life: from third party, to vehicles, to accident, life, health, travel and pensions. "Life is complicated enough. We make it a little easier. And much more secure," says the website.

In one of the main branches in Germany the staff advise many customers every day, handling enquiries and preparing quotes. These are stored digitally and also printed. Deputy branch manager Kai Vogt and his colleagues had been using a large laser printer and copier. Because of the high volume of printing required, the branch installed a second laser printer. Now they are using Epson's WorkForce Pro WF-5690DWF.

A highly competent replacement

"We had only ever worked with laser printers, so I was sceptical at first about using an inkjet printer," explained Kai Vogt, Deputy Branch Manager. "But I soon came to see how wrong I had been."

"Printing in colour was too expensive," said Vogt. "Obviously it's good to be able to print coloured graphics when needed, particularly for customers."

The WorkForce Pro WF-5690DWF, a 4-in-1 device, reduced the cost per page by around 50% compared to similar colour laser printers. And that's even without taking the considerably lower power consumption into account.

"What we particularly like about the Epson is that the printer is not only economical but also comparatively quiet. We share an office, so conversations with customers aren't interrupted by someone printing," explained Vogt.

Impressed by the quality

The WorkForce Pro WF-5690DWF was developed for easy integration, so installing it on the network was straightforward. "Operation is also extremely simple," said Vogt. "The intuitive, large colour touchscreen allows quick access to all functions and we are more than impressed by the quality of the prints, now they are in colour. The ink also dries quickly and isn't smudged by marker pens."


Jobs are completed quickly thanks to automatic double-sided printing, or the scanning, copying and faxing. Printing and scanning directly from or to a USB stick is also possible. Print security comes with a PIN to release jobs.

"We are extremely pleased all round: the WorkForce Pro prints extremely quickly and the quality really is excellent. Another advantage from our point of view is it's not too large. It therefore fits well into smaller offices like ours. I cannot recommend Epson's WorkForce Pro highly enough," said Vogt.