Printing company Brachet installs Epson's Surepress L-4033AW

Printing company Brachet installs its first digital press.

Printing company Brachet installs Epson's Surepress L-4033AW

Specialising in labels for over 30 years and well known for its expertise in manufacturing and printing rolls of adhesive labels in low print runs, the Lyon-based company Brachet Etiquettes recently chose to install the SurePress L-4033AW, a digital label printing press that offers the use of white ink


Brachet Etiquettes is a family business that has been based in the Lyon region since 1945. Christophe Brachet's grandfather founded the firm and, since taking charge 2007, he oversees all the very specific stages in the graphical chain of manufacturing rolls of labels internally. Today, Brachet Etiquettes fulfils no fewer than 200 orders every month from its 800 m² workshop.

Brachet Etiquettes works primarily in the printing sector as a subcontractor (80%), as well as in the wine and industrial sectors (20%). Its speciality consists in manufacturing and printing small, medium and very large print runs of labels, on paper and on adhesive synthetics, in extremely short time frames.


By equipping the workshop with a SurePress L-4033AW, Christophe Brachet's intention was to add to his existing traditional equipment and help make his production even more fluid.

"We've noticed an increase in demand for small print runs of labels," explains Christophe Brachet. "Equipping ourselves with an Epson SurePress allows us to main continuous output and to be very responsive in fulfilling orders."

One of the aims in acquiring a SurePress L-4033AW is to expand the company's market. "Today, we can deliver an order within 48 hours," adds Christophe Brachet.


  "I decided to put my trust in Epson for two key reasons. First of all, Epson is a leader that is globally renowned for the reliability and high quality of its products and its customer service, which is very reassuring for a business that needs its equipment to be 100% operational at all times. Then, after comparing it with its competitors, Epson proved to have the best quality/price ratio. The new Epson digital label press enables me to shorten production time at the same time as maintaining superior quality. It also means we can meet the demand for small print runs of labels, by making their production profitable," Christophe Brachet concludes.