Print365 makes Team for Target even more productive

An affordable subscription that adapts to your printing style

Print365 makes Team for Target even more productive

Consumables running out, regular paper jams, having to wait for a printer to warm up - Camiel Croonen, founder and owner of Team for Target, was all too aware of the annoyances of printing. Print365 from Epson offered a solution to all of these problems.

Team for Target is a small agency, but still had three different printers to cope with all of its different printing requirements: a black and white printer, a multifunction printer for full colour printing, and a small printer in the boardroom for printing confidential documents. “They were all older machines that were very susceptible to problems - one would get jammed, then another one would need cleaning,” says Croonen. “Individual faults aren't too bad, but if I have to get someone to come and look at every time, it takes its toll.”

Extensive print requirements

It wasn't just the high administration costs but also the speed at which consumables were being used that Croonen wanted to find a solution to. “The three printers used nine different inks altogether, all of which can run out. I always kept lots of spares in stock, but of course never had the colour I needed there and then. That was really irritating, because it takes up lots of time.”

Croonen noticed that he and his team were losing lots of time on printing jobs. “It might sound trivial, but when you always have to wait 30 seconds for a printer to warm up before the first page comes out, it eventually starts to feel like you're wasting lots of time.”

Because it wasn't possible to print jobs securely with just normal black and white and multifunctional printers, Croonen had another small printer for printing confidential documents. “Payslips, for example. I didn't want to send a print job and then have to rush to one of the big public printers.”

One printer for everything

Team for Target became aware of Print365, and discovered that for a fixed monthly amount, they could print as much as they wanted on printers that perfectly matched their requirements. “I was advised by an expert from Epson who recommended the WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 DTWF A3 printer,” says Croonen. “I was quite shocked when it arrived, as it was much bigger than the three printers I had already.”

The printer was delivered as standard, with enough ink to print 75,000 documents - more than Croonen expects to print in the three years that the subscription runs for. “With the amount we print, we probably won't use up all the ink cartridges. But if I work out what we've spent on toner over the years, I realise what a hefty price we've been paying. So this subscription, which is tailored to our printing behaviour is much more beneficial.”

If the ink does unexpectedly run out, more consumables are ordered automatically. Croonen can also see how much is being used at all times via an online portal where he can also report any issues. “The Print365 subscription includes three years on-site servicing, which gives you great peace of mind if there are any problems,” he says.

Eco-friendly printing and scanning

Croonen was also please to discover the printer offers the further advantage of being able to print and scan A3-sized documents. “This is something I didn't even realise I was missing until I got it. And the print quality is extremely good. In the past I've had to print documents for customers too, but I've always had this done by an external printing company because the quality of my old printers wasn't good enough. Now that's a thing of the past.”

Team for Target now does all its high-quality printing itself. The fast inkjet technology produces instant results because the printer doesn't have to warm up, so the prints are ready as soon as the job is sent. “This doesn't just make a big difference in terms of time, but also in saving energy. The green aspect of the printer is definitely a huge advantage. I'm always trying to work more paper-free, but I can't avoid having to print out certain documents. The fact that this can be done with as little harm to the environment as possible is nothing but positive,” adds Croonen. Fast, high-quality, environmentally-friendly printing makes Team for Target even more productive.