Prague's Old Town Hall

Tickets for the Town Hall are printed on a TM-C710

Prague's Old Town Hall

Solution: ticket printing for castles, palaces, museums, stadiums, swimming pools, etc.

Ticket printing systems

HALBERŠTÁT – servis s.r.o is a system integrator, supplier of EPOS hardware and system solutions for shops, restaurants and delivery companies. The company also focuses on specialist solutions – systems for canteens, swimming pools, sports facilities and ticketing systems.

We supplied ticketing systems in the past as well, but the introduction of the TM-C610 and later the TM-C710 to the Czech market proved to be an important milestone,"says company owner, Vlastimil Halberštát. „ "Previously, the tickets had to be pre-printed, which could be a problem if you had multiple types of ticket or several points of sale in various locations. It was difficult to estimate the number of tickets and it was often the case that some would run out and others would be discarded at the end of the year. Printing tickets on ordinary EPOS printers did not meet the demands in terms of their professional appearance, which is often required,"adds Mr Halberštát.

It is precisely this problem that the TM-C610 and the even higher quality of its successor, the current model Epson TM-C710, have been able to address. The printer is unique in its ability to print full-colour discount coupons or tickets on a roll of paper, and it has an automatic cutter. Waterproof, UV-resistant inks are readily available. And everything is done at high speed, to an exceptional level of quality and at minimal cost.

A prime example is the ticketing system at the Old Town Hall in Prague.

There are several tours on offer at the Town Hall – the tower, the historic rooms and the underground area, and it is also possible to by a single ticket for all three tours. There are different tickets for children, pensioners, large groups and regular visitors – the brief was to visually distinguish each ticket type so employees could identify them at a glance. There are also five separate cash desks, with 3,000 visitors a day passing through the main desk. There are four cash desks in the town hall itself, the fifth is at the Prague Information Service on Arbesovo náměstí, where tickets can be printed for walking tours around Prague. A high-quality design was an important requirement because many tourists, especially from abroad, keep them as souvenirs.

This is a job made for the TM-C710. On the tickets, the different tour types are depicted with images of towers, vaults or rooms, and the type of visitor is indicated by the colour of the astronomical clock in the corner of the ticket. Tickets are printed on glossy, heavyweight white paper with superior colour quality. There is no longer a need to pre-print tickets, as employees can just print out the one that is required. One of the main benefits is a significant reduction in costs – printing one ticket costs just CZK 0.66[1].

Customer satisfaction is key

"We are delighted by the 'on-demand' system for printing tickets as it eliminates the need for us to acquire different types of ticket for our supplies. Due to the low printing costs and the large number of tickets printed, we can generate significant operating savings,"says Petr Soukup, Head of ICT at the Prague Information Service, on behalf of the Old Town Hall.

"The successful implementation of the ticketing systems at the Old Town Hall has opened the door for us to many other projects, not only in Prague, but also throughout the Czech Republic. If you offer customers a solution that is flexible, high quality and cheaper than existing systems that are based on pre-printed tickets, success is sooner or later practically guaranteed,"says Vlastimil Halberštát of their collaboration with Epson.

HALBERŠTÁT servis s.r.o.

The company was founded in 1990 and, since its inception, its main focus has been on the servicing and sale of cash registers.

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall consists of a complex of several adjacent buildings, and it became the centre of the local government in the Old Town in 1338. The most famous feature of the Town Hall is the astronomical clock that is located on the south side of the building and dates from 1410. Visitors can tour the historic rooms, tower, vaults and the chapel.

[1]The recommended retail price for a cartridge is CZK 1,916, the price of a paper roll is CZK 36. Customers can print approximately 4,000 tickets with one cartridge and this would require 20 rolls. 20x36 = 720+1916 = 2636/4000 = CZK 0.66. Prices are exclusive of VAT and are valid as of 30 September 2014. Possible deviation +/- 10%