Poster printing for customers

Delicarna AG uses SureColor SC-T

Poster printing for customers

Delicarna AG, from the Swiss town of Pratteln, offers its customers first-class meat and fish specialities. Recently the company has developed targeted advertising posters.

Delicarna AG, from the Swiss town of Pratteln, offers its customers first-class premium meat from all over the world. From butchery to processing to transport, Delicarna places a strong emphasis on the highest quality standards. This is how the meat and fish specialist has built up a loyal customer base over the last 25 years. Butchers are responding very positively to the advertising posters that they are now able to order in for their shops.

Exclusive beef from Ireland, American horse specialities, fresh Pata Negra pork from Spain: Delicarna has a wide product range and it has become one of the largest meat importers in Switzerland, supplying around 600 butchers with specialities from all over the world.

The company started 25 years ago when Werni Tschannen, a trained butcher, began importing South African ostrich meat. Business was so good that he soon became the biggest ostrich meat importer in Switzerland. The range was gradually expanded and the company continues to offer exclusively foreign meat. Thomas Schweizer, Head of Quality Assurance at Delicarna AG, explains: "We're very well positioned in the market as a niche player and even offer items such as donkey or bison meat, or prepared suckling pigs. Even though we don't sell any Swiss meat, we represent Swiss quality especially with regard to our approach to customer service, the range of services we offer and the reliability of our deliveries."

More than meat

Delicarna not only achieves a first-class reputation with its first-class products, it also ensures the customers benefit from its additional services such as Delipronto. 40 permanent staff can be sent to work at customers' butchers shops on demand. These are highly qualified staff who can support customers with meat preparation at peak times (such as during the holidays).

For several months, butchers have also been receiving help at the point of sale. In addition to meat, Delicarna now provides its customers with top-quality posters, printed on a SureColor SC-T3000. Delicarna's sales team came up with this idea, and the project was implemented by Thomas Schweizer. Initially a simple A3 printer was used, but this quickly proved unable to meet the demands of print quality, format and printable media. It quickly became clear that only an Epson large-format printer was really going to be able to meet the requirements of quality and user-friendliness. "The aim was clear; we wanted to print top-quality A1 posters. That made the number of potential suppliers pretty clear. And I've already had a lot of very positive experiences with Epson at home. The colour reproduction is simply more realistic and intense than that of other manufacturers' devices."

Optimum fulfilment of requirements

Thomas Schweizer searched for suppliers of Epson large-format printers and came across Imaprint. The colour management and workflow specialist, managed by Peter Brechbühl, has been selling Epson large-format printers with great success for years and offers, in addition to hardware, a wide range of consumables. The company also has a good reputation when it comes to training in the areas of profiling, colour management, workflows and proofing.

After a short evaluation phase, it quickly became clear to the management team that Epson's SureColor SC-T3000 perfectly met Delicarna's requirements. "We experienced a very professional consultancy service with Imaprint. The team used their specialist expertise to support us with setup and training," explains Thomas Schweizer. In addition to the impressive print quality, he was also won over by the SureColor SC-T3000's ease of use. "The posters are a free service for our customers. To keep the workload from becoming too big, ease of use, and not just print quality, is an important factor. Only the SureColor SC-T3000 offers us this combination." Delicarna also purchases consumables such as paper and ink from Imaprint. "Especially with print media, it's very important to be able to count on a reliable supplier such as Imaprint," emphasises Schweizer.

A service serving customer

Epson's SureColor SC-T3000 has been in regular use for a year, and the feedback from customers is uniformly positive. The Delicarna team also provides support for customers choosing posters when planning promotions. They provide the necessary information such as type of meat, price and other advertising copy, including company logo, and Delicarna takes care of the poster design – simply and easily. This service is so popular that Thomas Schweizer has already set up a calendar with an initial group of customers that enables promotions, and the use of appropriate POS materials in them, to be planned for the longer term.

It is one year since the SureColor SC-T3000 was first put into operation and the verdict so far is consistently positive. "With the Epson large-format printer we now offer our customers advertising posters that they can use to market their promotions even more effectively. Most of our customers have neither the time nor the resources to produce this kind of poster themselves. We're happy to support them with this. The costs are very clear for us. We attribute this primarily to the self-explanatory concept behind the SureColor SC-T3000." The new service is a complete success for everyone involved and proves that sometimes it does not take much to support your customers with creative ideas for POS.