Pefect receipt printing in new Auchan stores thanks to Epson

Auchan chooses Epson receipt printers

Pefect receipt printing in new Auchan stores thanks to Epson

Auchan has been active in the Hungarian market since 1998. After buying out a number of Cora stores several years ago, the company now operates in nineteen locations.

Immediately after finalising the takeover, Auchan began renovating its stores. The company aimed to combine the strengths of both chains so, based on its good experiences with its current point-of-sale system, it purchased additional Epson TM-T81F receipt printers for the new Auchan stores. In terms of investment, the supermarket chain purchased around 400 receipt printers for the seven ex-Cora locations. The company also uses Epson devices in its original stores.

The employees who were transferred from the former Cora stores used to complain a lot about the terrible performance of the old receipt printers they used before the change in ownership. They mostly complained about needle problems, paper jams and general printer failures, but they also mentioned that receipt legibility was an issue.

Since purchasing Epson TM-T81F receipt printers for the new Auchan stores, these problems have disappeared.

Compliant with financial regulations

Auchan placed a lot of importance on choosing a system that met its requirements. Epson also places a lot of importance on offering POS devices that not only use state-of-the-art technologies, but meet the demands of local legal regulations and required processes. Epson works closely with financial authorities across many regions, alongside other partners and support networks, to ensure that fiscal regulations are met.

According to regulated market requirements, printers with control bands must not be used in Auchan stores, meaning that the single-reel Epson TM-T81F model can be used instead, even in the seven new locations.

The receipt printers have been set up and used without any problems. Employees simply needed to feed the colour ribbon into the device to make it work. Thanks to these extremely robust Epson thermal printers, checkout employees don't need to replace any other parts any more. This is because the devices use special paper instead of colour ink ribbons. The printhead also provides electrical resistance due to the thermal effect.

Auchan employees at the checkouts are very happy with the performance of the Epson TM-T81F receipt printers. The employees haven't discovered any technical issues, even though the units are under heavy load. At the checkouts open most often, Epson receipt printers may be used for nearly sixteen hours per day.

The speed of the receipt printers has consistently been good, and the high print quality doesn't just help employees – it also keeps customers happy.