Moverio selected by Museum of Cinema

Films from the past take on a new life through Epson's Moverio glasses

Moverio selected by Museum of Cinema

Following the complete digitalisation of cinema in 2014, physical film has become a historical object to be preserved. The Interactive Museum of Cinema (MIC) in Milan has gone beyond a simple conservation effort, by offering a unique multimedia journey through its archive.

Conserving films and giving them new life

When objects from the past meet technology of the future, they form a unique and unforgettable experience. This is what the MIC has achieved by reviving films from the past in an interactive journey, assisted by Epson's Moverio smart glasses. The MIC has chosen to offer this special experience to the general public by transforming its entire body of film into an augmented living museum.

The MIC is a project of the Italian Film Library Foundation. Founded in 1947, it aims to conserve and enhance the nation's film heritage and to disseminate cinematographic culture throughout Italy and the world.

According to Matteo Pavesi, General Manager of the Italian Film Library Foundation: "The ambition was to transform the entire film library into an augmented museum. We were also keen to explore ways of engaging the public using new technologies and to be able to explain complex information that might once have been hidden from the public because it is highly specialised."

Films from the past like you've never seen them

Have you ever come face to face with a vampire? Thanks to a completely unique project that the museum is developing with Moverio smart glasses, now you can. This experience forms part of a visit to the film archive and restoration centre, a place not accessible to the public until now for safety reasons and to avoid damaging the films. The first initiative organised by the MIC, Archive of Fear, is a journey through horror films that come to life directly in front of visitors. By wearing a pair of Moverio smart glasses and headphones, visitors simply look at the QR codes next to exhibits. This triggers video and audio content in qHD and 3D, and projections of historical films.

"This is a special and unique experience, not only for film fans, but for everyone. Visitors are able to discover the content of our archive, while at the same time, discovering an exciting new technology," adds Pavesi.

Moverio smart glasses: simple, versatile and unique

Epson's Moverio BT-200 smart glasses feature technological capabilities that take full advantage of augmented reality applications. They are the only smart glasses on the market with stereoscopic vision for an optimum visual perception of space, enhanced by the transparent lenses that offer an immersive, interactive experience.

Pavesi comments: "The Moverio smart glasses have facilitated this project, which otherwise would have remained a pipe dream. Their features make them ideal for our journey through film, allowing viewing of the qHD content in complete autonomy and with a high level of immersion. This allows wearers to maintain complete awareness of the surrounding space, enabling them to move freely throughout the archive."

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