MIXER – filling space with excellence

Innovative workspace in Tel-Aviv chooses WorkForce printers

MIXER – filling space with excellence

When the team of entrepreneurs behind MIXER – one of Tel-Aviv's largest and most successful shared workspaces – faced the task of buying new business printers, it was obvious what they'd choose for their heavy-duty requirements - Epson's latest generation RIPS printers.


Shared workspaces which combine private offices and shared work areas have developed significantly in Israel recently, with the entry into the marketplace of entrepreneurs and businesspeople offering a new and different concept – one that is more innovative and prestigious.

This is the case with the MIXER complex, which helps start-ups, high-tech companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs from various fields, who were unsatisfied with working from home or renting offices for unreasonable amounts and with limited flexibility.

Designed in a fresh, contemporary style, MIXER is spread over two floors in a wing of the new Pavilion 2 at the Tel Aviv Convention Centre, and offers its customers significant advantages, including exceptional accessibility, private parking in Tel Aviv, a high-quality community and a dynamic environment adjacent to Israel's largest convention and exhibition centre.

"Our project, which differs from the shared work areas currently operating in the local area, offers a combination of a quiet and prestigious private working environment alongside spacious and generous lounge areas," explains Dror Katzir, one of the entrepreneurs behind MIXER.

A clear choice

When the issue arose of what print solutions they'd make available for workspace users, it didn't take long to decide on Epson's WorkForce Pro RIPS’ printers.

The WorkForce Pro WF-R5690DTWF and WorkForce Pro WF-R8590DTWF were chosen for the role. "It was clear that printers were needed to work and work and work," says Katzir. "Printers that would be reliable, with excellent support. Printers that would suit a wide range of customer needs at the complex, and would provide all these at a very low price per print."

Epson's solution

The versatile WorkForce Pro printers are equipped with the Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) and can provide MIXER users with super-quality prints at an affordable price, and can print around 75,000 pages in black and white without the need for replacement ink.

Consuming substantially less electricity than leading colour laser printers, WorkForce Pro RIPS’ printers also don't create harmful emissions and are very quiet, so will not disturb workspace users. Meanwhile, secure coded set-up makes these printers ideal for shared environments, and fast speeds of up to 34 pages per minute ensure they keep up with even the fastest-moving entrepreneurs.