Mercuur Bouw has reduced its ecological footprint thanks to Print365

Epson helps constructor climb the CO2 Performance Ladder

Mercuur Bouw has reduced its ecological footprint thanks to Print365

Mercuur Bouw works on renovation and construction projects for businesses, housing associations, homeowner associations and municipalities. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high up on the agenda for the company, making every effort to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible.

Over the past few years, Mercuur Bouw has established itself as a major player in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. This growth meant that steps had to be taken to ensure the company's office automation wasn't left behind.
Mercuur Bouw's director, Chris de Boer, explains how Print365 by Epson helped his company to achieve this goal, "To achieve a good position on the CO2 Performance Ladder, we really had to reduce our impact on the environment. One of the first things you think of in this situation is fuel economy, but it turned out that we could also achieve savings by looking at printing."
However, the company was already carefully managing its printing. "In theory, our consumption was already quite low," said de Boer. "Our field team already uses iPads and digital work sources, for example. But we're still a construction company, which means that every now and then, you'll need to print construction drawings or other documents that you need to take with you to a building site."
To do this, the company used a number of laser printers, but they often leaked toner and took too long to warm up. Aside from being bad for the environment, laser printing was just too time-consuming. 

Find huge savings, effortlessly

Michael Jongebloet of Beerepoot Automatisering called Mercuur Bouw at exactly the right time, "We've got the perfect printing solution for companies with high corporate social responsibility standards," said Jongebloet. "Epson's Print365 allows them to find huge savings effortlessly. The printers use cold inkjet technology, meaning they don't have to spend 30 seconds warming up each time."
De Boer says, "The printers also often made all kinds of noises, even after they had finished printing that one sheet you needed. We also regularly saw minor faults, such as leaking toners. That wasn't just a waste, but also created a lot of work."
Thanks to Epson these concerns are a thing of the past. Print365 is a tailor-made printing service that provides customers with printers and ink to match their needs for a fixed monthly payment.
"Michael installed a tool to measure exactly how much we were printing in a month, and based on that information, he supplied us with a WorkForce Pro WF-R8590," de Boer explains. "Ever since then, printing has become a quick and effortless process. Our printer no longer causes us a headache. It always works, and when the ink is about to run out, we automatically receive new ink cartridges."

Great for resellers too

For Beerepoot Automatisering, Print365 is the perfect tool to sell. "Our customers no longer have to worry about their printers, and neither do we as a reseller", said Jongebloet. "If there's a fault, Epson will be notified automatically. They'll solve most problems the same day, or no later than the next day. It's the same story for consumables. Epson will automatically send these to the customer as soon as they are about to run out, so our users will never be left without. Of course, they won't even need to worry about anything running out until they've printed around 75,000 pages."
What makes Print365 even more attractive to resellers such as Jongebloet – and to customers – is the short contract term compared to most managed print service providers.
"Their contract term is only three years as opposed to the usual six, which really makes a difference," he explains. "Technology never stands still, and long-term contracts mean customers are stuck with outdated equipment. Print365 allows them to update their tools a lot more regularly.

No extra work

De Boer hasn't had a single problem with his printers since Mercuur Bouw switched to Print365. But the service has another important advantage too. "I like its flexibility. I found it important to be able to make a single payment for a longer period, and that wasn't a problem. I don't want to waste time on admin every month," he says. "That way, we can be sure everything is taken care of, which allows us to focus on our main tasks."