Meijer Installatietechniek cuts costs with Print365

Print365, the all-in-one print solution

Meijer Installatietechniek cuts costs with Print365

Meijer Installatietechniek is a plumbing and heating installation company that has been working with consumers and small businesses since 1985. The company does a lot of printing, from orders and invoices to customer brochures.

Until recently, the company used a laser printer, but the rising cost of consumables encouraged director Martin Meijer to look for a cheaper option.

“You can buy a laser printer for 250 to 300 euros, and it can even print in colour," he says. "That's very attractive until you realise what you have to spend on toner. It can add up to 1300 euros a year. When the laser printer broke, I looked for a more affordable alternative."

Economical, greener, cheaper

He soon discovered Print365, Epson's comprehensive print solution, which covers a company's complete printing needs for a fixed monthly sum. The Print365 package includes one or more printers, consumables and three years' on-site service. Print365 uses only reliable Epson printers and environmentally conscious inkjet technology. This means companies can save up to 96%1 on energy consumption compared to colour laser printers, as well as making a substantial reduction in consumables costs.

Meijer has been pleasantly surprised by Print365, saying, “Laser printers have a reputation for being cost-effective, but the Epson device certainly rivals our old laser. We've already printed 1500 pages, but when I look at the ink packs, almost no ink has been used. The printer doesn't use small ink cartridges which are quickly emptied, but high-yield ink supply units, which are good for tens of thousands of prints. It's ideal.”

Print365 portal

The online Print365 portal also provides insight into the machine's consumption. “I don't have time to count how much we print every day, as we send out a huge number of quotations. Because everything is recorded on the portal, not only do I know when we need new consumables, so does Print365," says Meijer. "These are then sent to us automatically. This takes away the responsibility for ordering, and what's more, I have a really good idea of how much of my Print365 package I have used up. If it looks like we're printing more than our package allows, we can upgrade our contract to a larger package which allows more prints."

Fixed monthly costs

"We are now three months into our Print365 subscription and are very satisfied," says Meijer. "We pay a fixed monthly fee and there are no unexpected costs such as consumables or servicing. The WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 printer is also fast and very high quality, so we can serve customers more quickly and efficiently."

Meijer is very satisfied with the print quality, saying, “The majority of our printing is in black and white, but sometimes we have to print a colour brochure for a client. With our old printer, the colours were a bit pale - with Epson inkjet technology the colour is vivid."


The company's old laser printer had repair cost implications too. "It was cheap to buy, but if there were technical issues I had to call an expensive engineer with very high call-out charges," says Meijer. "Those days are gone now. Servicing and maintenance are included in the Print365 subscription. I can see a similarity with my own sector in this revolutionary contract, which gives me peace-of-mind. My customers want the same thing – people on call who can deal with any problems quickly and cheaply."

1. As tested by BLI, over two months to April 2015. For more information visit: