Manfrotto chooses Epson projectors for bright, clear images

Quality projection makes meetings more engaging and inspiring

Manfrotto chooses Epson projectors for bright, clear images

To maximise the benefits of business communications, everyone must be able to make an active contribution during meetings and video conferences. With Epson interactive projectors, Manfrotto has been able to optimise staff time by creating an ideal environment for formal meetings.

Based in Italy, Manfrotto designs, produces and distributes professional support for video cameras, and lighting for the photography, video, cinema and entertainment markets. Its product lines include a vast range of tripods and heads for video cameras, light stands and accessories.

According to Federico Soster, Manfrotto's Systems Engineer, "the business has a tradition of continually investing in the most recent technologies and constantly revising its range of products, production requirements and customer needs. This policy ensures that the highest standards of quality are maintained."

Clear and well-defined imagery is fundamental for effective visual communication

For a business with an international distribution network targeting photographers, cinematographers and all image professionals, it is essential to communicate efficiently, with special regard to visual quality.

It was for this reason that the business installed an interactive projector in its main meeting room, which allows them to project high-quality content in their meetings and collaborative video conferences.

The solution Manfrotto chose was an EB-1430Wi interactive projector with an ultra-short throw lens specifically designed for office use. It replaced the 65-inch TV screen previously used and unloved for the reflections caused by its gloss finish, which led to a lot of irritation during meetings and videoconferences.

The projector has been integrated seamlessly with the Polycom videoconferencing system that is already installed at the firm, as a result improving interactivity between the various offices.
"We needed a solution that would allow us to see well-defined and clearly projected images, which would also boost participation and allow us to hold more engaging meetings," says Soster. "With the Epson EB-1430Wi projector, we found the product that could do this for us."

Epson projectors make it easy to hold collaborative meetings

Using the Epson projector, the firm has solved a number of existing problems. Its ultrashort lens has made it possible to reduce reflection, shadow and, compared to the previous solution, and it is no longer necessary to darken the room during meetings.

Additionally, thanks to 3LCD technology, this device yields high-quality images with a colour performance equivalent to white, for clear and brilliant images and vibrant, realistic colours in almost any lighting condition - an important consideration for a company working with the major players in the world of photography.

Among many functions, one of the most appreciated by Manfrotto is the excellent interactivity of Finger Touch technology and the possibility for two people to interact at the same time directly on the projected image, using dual interactive pen functionality.

Meanwhile wireless connectivity means content can be viewed easily on numerous mobile devices via the iProjection2 app. It's possible to project from various workstations remotely by connecting up to four projection systems simultaneously, a helpful feature for an international company such as Manfrotto.

"Thanks to the possibility of both receiving and sending, everyone is now on the same page at the end of meetings. It is such a convenient system that the number of meetings has increased by almost 20%, from 30 to 35 hours weekly," says Soster.