MagicBox provides a solution for kindergartens and rehabilitation centres

Introducing small children to projection using the EB-585W

MagicBox is an educational and interactive gadget for kindergartens, schools and children rehabilitation centres. It has been through many developments, the latest involving implementing the Epson projector EB-585W, which helped to solve issues with light sensitivity, picture sharpness and pen usage

Teaching children

MagicBox was first introduced to the market as an interactive gadget for small children in kindergartens, in order to bring a 21st century solution to pre-school education while enabling children to learn and play in their natural environment. There are already almost 400 MagicBox products entertaining children in the Czech Republic and further afield.

Since its first introduction, it has gone through many developments thanks to co-operation with teachers, psychologist and children. A great deal of progress was made recently, thanks to the involvement of Epson's EB-585W projector, which helped solve some crucial issues with this product. The main factors were light sensitivity, sharp picture, and interesting colours, which are all important for customer satisfaction and the happiness of children using the MagicBox.

Helping children with SEN and impairments

MagicBox is especially useful in centres for children with special educational needs and physical or mental impairments. The children enjoy the games preinstalled on the MagicBox and the drawing software on the Epson interactive projector, while therapists appreciate the motivation it gives the children to use coordinated movement.

Based on recent studies, there are visible improvements in the learning of children with behavioural issues, SEN and light mental disorders thanks to MagicBox helping them focus better on the subject, learn when playing and co-operate with other pupils.