Law firm Robiou Du Pont chooses Epson's EB-1751 video projector

Law firm Robiou Du Pont chooses Epson's EB-1751 video projector

Law firm Robiou Du Pont chooses Epson's EB-1751 video projector

This law firm based in Nantes was established in 1994 by Jean-Edouard Robiou du Pont and offers expertise in law and legal proceedings, as well experience in negotiation and mediation techniques.


A growing element of the firm's activity consists in providing training on negotiation, mediation and management. This training is based on tried and tested methodology and specific interpersonal skills, but it takes place in premises that were not designed for the projection of PowerPoint presentations.


The firm has been using video projectors for many years. This equipment has proven to be unsatisfactory: too heavy, too bulky, difficult to adjust, not bright enough, with very fragile bulbs. Also, more often than not, the video facilities used were the ones already installed in the meeting rooms – adding the stress of working with unfamiliar equipment and the risk of it malfunctioning or needing to make last-minute adjustments. All in all it was not satisfactory, so the company looked for high-quality equipment for high-quality services.


We chose Epson's EB-1751 projector. We chose Epson, because we knew it to be a leader in video projection, and the EB-1700 range because these projectors offer, to our eyes, the best size/weight/brightness ratio. When we came to use it, these qualities were borne out, and this projector also makes running the training sessions a lot easier too. It is very light. The bag is discreet and ergonomic.

The equipment is easy to plug in and its cable is a good length, so there is no need to use extensions. It can be connected to a computer via USB, which means you can use it with an ultra-thin laptop. Lastly, the image is very simple and intuitive to adjust, to avoid any distortion. Now, we always use the Epson projector, even in rooms that already have equipment installed, to be sure of the visual impact of our presentation.