Largest Greek recreational store chain chooses Epson reliability

Public stores save money and time with Epson L13000 printers

Largest Greek recreational store chain chooses Epson reliability

With 46 shops throughout Greece, Public is one of the country's most popular leisure and technology department store chains. Public decided to reduce costs and add multilevel support of printing needs with Epson L1300 Ink Tank System printers.

Public is Greece's largest recreational department store and has managed to influence consumers' buying habits extensively. Its considered the number one destination for technology, cultural and communication products. The combination of high-quality service and leisure experience means Public is a much loved brand among Greek shoppers. 

Low-cost, fast and reliable prints guaranteed

The Public chain wanted to invest in printers to serve each shop's daily needs as well as to produce on-demand prints for POS materials. 47 Epson L1300 Ink Tank System printers were installed, with high-quality Epson Photo Quality inkjet paper and colour inksets.

The Epson L1300 printers were placed in all stores as well as at the marketing department at Public head office. They were chosen after thorough research against the competition and after printing samples of the various POS materials that are used by the chain. The heads of Public's procurement department immediately recognised the exceptional quality offered by the L1300 printers thanks to the Epson Ink Tank System, compared to other inkjet models and laser printers. 

ITS printers minimise the need to outsource

Public stores organise more than 1,000 free events and seminars every year, in Athens and other regions. These include book presentations and technology-related events such as product presentations, discussions and seminars, photography, youth citizen entrepreneurship schemes and tutorials in the use of social media.

With Epson's ITS L1300 printers, all of the chain's shops can print materials for these events in house, as well as a wide range of other materials. Colour documents, brochures and advertising materials are now printed at the Public shops, on demand, with exceptional quality, thanks to the reliability and durability of the Epson printheads.

Thanks to the new printers, Public shops have stopped outsourcing their printing. Today, each shop carries out in-house prints on demand and at the lowest possible cost. The versatile L1300 ITS printers are able to print POS materials in a variety of sizes up to A3, to cover all of Public's needs.