Digital Communication with brilliant Epson Colours

Good ideas are implemented most effectively with the right tools

Digital Communication with brilliant Epson Colours

Innovative ideas deserve the best technology to transform them into successful projects with maximum impact. This is shown clearly by the work of DOOH.IT, an Italian company that has made the creative use of innovative technology its speciality.

DOOH.IT creates digital campaigns for hundreds of thousands of people on the move

DOOH.IT is a Turin-based company which since 2009 has implemented Digital Out Of Home communication projects, designing innovative, interactive and interconnected solutions in a variety of sectors, from retail to art and entertainment, and from the urban to the corporate world, with applications from digital signage to digital experience design.

Created by the entrepreneurial ability and passion for telecommunication and the digital world of founders Giovanni Fracasso and Roberto Vogliolo, DOOH.IT works for a range of prestigious brands, including Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, TIM and in the advertising sector, IGP Decaux. The company implements Digital Out of Home projects and campaigns seen daily by hundreds of thousands of persons on the move (in metropolitan areas, airports, stations, etc.) in Italy as well as more than 100 cities around the world.

Roberto Vogliolo, CEO of DOOH.IT, explains that, "the approach used in the various projects is always the same in that it is methodical and flexible at the same time. It starts with preliminary studies for the design and implementation of prototypes, intermediate tests and revisions, leading to the final versions."

Rock concerts and immersive worlds

In 2015, DOOH.IT entered the world of video projection, choosing to collaborate with Epson, the leading supplier in the sector.

The first project was the personalised preparation of a digital experience in D Loft. This B2B space in Milan, designed as a digital theatre, was where thanks to video mapping and fine-tuning with video projectors, it was possible to create a single set design experience which transforms a company presentation into an event, a performance on a three-dimensional and immersive journey.

Then comes the Projectors Rock Show, the video mapping format presented in the Rock Café at Viscom Italy 2016. This involved four live video projections of musical instruments that had been played by a band whose performance was shot in the studio, and was projected onto simple geometric forms to animate a scenario where video projectors were the on-stage performers in a rock concert. The experience is the perfect symbiosis between live performance and digital integration but also offers the audience an involving, interactive experience as the public can choose what instruments and pieces to listen to by selecting via a tablet, simply and intuitively, a playlist and sound of individual instruments.

Then comes the Innovation Hub, the event where Epson showcased its latest products in Milan and Rome. An immersive and experimental showcase experience with solutions thought out and created ad hoc by DOOH.IT to improve the customer experience - through video projection, the products come to life, assuming new colours and communicating with each other. The visitors themselves interact and play with the set design thanks to the touch surfaces.

Vogliolo explains, "The use of Epson video projectors is the optimum solution to project videos and images onto three-dimensional surfaces. Unlike monitors, video projectors allow freedom of form, allowing more involvement from the public. There are many possible combinations: settings can be both material and digital, but can also be enriched by light and sound design to amplify the experience and scenic effect of the technology used."

From the experience gained during these projects, DOOH.IT has designed a format that is easily adaptable to a variety of situations, to make the project completely flexible for any kind of company, need or budget.

UST and laser - the ideal combination for digital communication

Interactive solutions are extremely effective in involving the public, who, as they are now used to interacting with new technology, are curious and stimulated by the video, images and commands available to activate sets and music, just as if they were playing video games.

All of this is made easy by ultra-short throw projectors such as the EB-1430Wi and EB-595Wi, which allow large-scale images to be projected close-up, reducing shadows and reflections to a minimum.

Equipped with Epson 3LCD technology, these devices provide high-quality images with equal white and colour light output for well-defined and brilliant projections under any lighting conditions, and colours up to three times more luminous compared to video projectors with one-chip DLP technology.

Laser video projectors are even more luminous. Models like the EB-L1200U, EB-L1405U and EB-L25000U (which is currently the brightest 3LCD laser installation projector on the market) offer high-quality images with extraordinary definition and realistic colours. In addition, the absence of lamps means maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Vogliolo says, "To provide high-impact installations that will captivate the general public, we have discovered in the Epson range both ultra-short throw and laser models that can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of our projects. This has helped us to develop our offering, and allowed us to enter the video projector market, which until now has been under-explored for digital signage applications."