Kinderlachen Gala chooses Epson projectors

Laser projectors help raise money for needy children

Kinderlachen Gala chooses Epson projectors

Kinderlachen is a registered association in Germany that focuses on taking care of sick and needy children. The idea behind this association, which in English means "children's laughter", started at Christmas in 2000, when the organisers of the gala heard from a radio broadcast that the number of volunteers had dropped.

Kinderlachen has now become a 'must attend' event for many celebrities. At the 12th annual event, around 1,000 guests were welcomed at the Halls of Westphalia in Dortmund, Germany. The amount raised for charity was an impressive €500,000.

It goes without saying that at this kind of high-profile event, there is absolutely no margin for error on the technical side. The events production company, Malkus Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH, covered this with their expertise and specialist knowledge. In order to project the presentations and films onto a total of eight screens as clearly as possible and under extremely difficult lighting conditions, the company put their faith in the latest EB-L25000 series 25,000-lumen laser projectors.

Carsten Malkus, partner at Malkus Veranstaltungstechnik, said, "This is the twelfth time that the organisers of the Kinderlachen Gala have entrusted us with technical support for the event, and the technical requirements for such an event are exceptionally high. In order to deliver the required luminous flux, we installed two Epson EB-L25000 projectors and seven Epson EB-L1505U projectors, so that all eight screens could be brightly illuminated with good colours, even in the very bright and colourful atmosphere."

The lighting in the hall is achieved by using spotlights and effect lighting, among other technologies to enhance the event experience for guests. The Epson EB-L range projectors offered bright, high quality imagery that easily matched the rest of the lighting, ensuring that the gala would also be a great success for the organisers and the children.