Juliagraf chooses Epson for high-quality drinks labels

Setting the standard for high-quality labels since 1979

Juliagraf chooses Epson for high-quality drinks labels

Launched as a traditional printing firm, Juliagraf's growth has been based on the constant determination and technical skills of its staff. Over the last few years, the company has specialised in the production of labels for the high-quality drinks sector (wines, sparkling wines, liqueurs) and in the food and drinks sectors in general.

From analogue to digital: printing quality in line with the times

Juliagraf was the first company in Italy to use Epson's new SurePress L-4033A digital printer alongside its traditional printers. "I saw the prototype of the Epson SurePress L-4033A a few years ago in Brussels," explains Sandro Colussi, the CEO of Juliagraf, "and, once the focus on the printing of digital labels with small print runs matched our requirements, I bought one as soon as they were available."

This printing solution has helped Juliagraf to significantly reduce the minimum print run necessary for producing quality labels, while also offering dramatically reduced production times and helping customers in the never-ending race against deadlines that modern time to market demands.

"We chose the SurePress," adds Colussi, "because it is an inkjet printing solution designed to facilitate both the prototyping and production of small batches of labels or highly customised limited editions, while significantly reducing costs and integration time into the production flow."

Unlike traditional printers, which require long, complex preparation, Epson's SurePress L-4033A is easy to use and, thanks to its automatic printer head maintenance, keeps downtime to a minimum.

Epson's SurePress L-4033A: the optimum solution

Juliagraf is constantly striving for the highest quality (precise details and accurate finishes) and has found the perfect partner in the SurePress L-4033A: thanks to Epson's Micro Piezo printer heads, which ensure that the microscopic ink drops are positioned perfectly, it is possible to create better quality images and accurately reproduce even the smallest text.

What is more, hexachrome printing and the water-based pigment inks allow you to achieve brilliant colours and perfect shades even with standard label-printing media and with no need for pre processing, on both paper and film.

These innovative features have enabled the company to both fully satisfy customer requests and to go even further than was previously possible. "A concrete example which represents the advantages derived from the SurePress L-4033A," explains Colussi, "was the handling of an urgent order for a customer who, two days before taking part in Vinitaly (The International Wines and Distilled Beverages Fair which takes place annually in Verona), asked us to prepare the labels for a new product being shown at the fair. This would not have been possible with traditional systems, but we managed to get it done thanks to our digital printer. The fair was a huge success for the customer and they were incredibly grateful to us."