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JP Photographic

JP Photographic chooses the Epson SureLab D700 to print their high quality school and special events photographs.

Schools and events photographers Pete and Jean Lerpiniere of JP Photographic invested in an Epson SureLab D700 compact inkjet printer to produce high-quality photographs with brilliant whites and amazing colours.

JP Photographic is a schools and events photography company set up and run by married couple and business partners Pete and Jean Lerpiniere. Based in Maidstone, Kent, the company has several long established customers including the police and two private schools in Kent - one being Dulwich Preparatory School in Cranbrook where they are the school photographers.

All their clients expect extremely high standards so every photograph produced has to be first rate. A request from Dulwich Preparatory School for pupils’ portraits to be shot on contemporary-feel pure white backgrounds prompted JP Photographic to look at printer options when it became apparent that its dye sub printer wasn’t going to be up to the job.

Doing their homework

Pete took on the challenge and examined all the printers on the market to see which could match their requirements for a reliable, easy-to-use, high-quality, high productivity device. He decided that the Epson SureLab D700 printer could be the answer and while researching possible suppliers he came across a video by Tetenal, suppliers of imaging products to the photography industry. The video highlighted the features of the SureLab D700. Pete contacted Tetenal and talked to hardware sales manager Chris Castle. Pete says: “Chris took the time to listen to our business needs and I was really impressed with his knowledge of the SureLab D700.”

Shortly after, Pete and Jean visited Tetenal in Leicester and met Chris in the company’s dedicated Epson showroom. They were both impressed with the printer and the level of service offered by Tetenal. The couple were shown every detail of the printer’s capabilities and were able to produce sample prints from files they had taken with them. “When we compared them to the prints we were getting from our existing device, it was a no-brainer,” says Pete. They were so impressed with the SureLab D700 that they took it back with them the same day!

Great results!

Since their investment in the SureLab D700, the difference it has made to the business has been amazing. “We’ve had our busiest period yet and the SureLab D700 has coped with everything we have thrown at it,” says Pete. “We have a real mix of clients, with private and event work and they naturally expect nothing but the best from us. Luckily, with the SureLab D700 we can now deliver exactly that. It has produced some outstanding school photographs with brilliant white, intense black and mid tones and amazingly vibrant colours. The paper rolls are very versatile offering us the complete range of sizes from 6x4, 6x9, 10x6 and even 6x12.”

More of an eye-opener for the company is that while the printer had been in constant use on a weekly basis for over six months, it had only used around half of the ink it started with. The versatility and economy of the printer has surpassed all expectations. Pete says: “Other than my Nikon D4, the Epson SureLab D700 is without doubt the best investment we have made for our photographic business. I’d say it’s a must for any photographer printing their own photographs.”

Taking a closer look – the Epson SureLab D700

The Epson SureLab D700 is a compact six-colour photo production printer, offering a wide range of media and format options. Combining vibrant, high-quality colour output with reliability and cost-efficiency, this stand-alone printer is ideally suited to photo production businesses, photo shops, event photographers, minilabs and copy shops – in fact, anyone who needs to print high-quality mixed sized photos on demand.

Unlike other models in the market that are limited in the choice of print size and media, the SureLab D700 uses Epson’s highly flexible inkjet technology to print multiple sizes - from 4 inches up to A4 wide and from 3.5- 39 inches long - on a wide range of media including glossy, lustre and paper-based matte media. In addition to providing a high level of size/media flexibility the productive SureLab D700 can deliver up to 360 6x4inch prints and 180 8x6inch prints an hour. And, because of its compact size (460‎mm w x 430mm d x 354mm h) it is easy to transport and set-up for use on location, making it ideal for special events and photoshoots.

Along with professional quality photos, it can effortlessly print cards, invitations, flyers and promotional leaflets. This makes it highly suitable for copy shops and photographers who want to expand their existing business by offering associated products and services to drive new revenue streams, while further benefitting from its low cost per print. It is also scalable, allowing companies wishing to expand their photo production operation with up to 8 printers.

Enhancing the SureLab D700’s cost-effectiveness, are its long service intervals and low maintenance requirements. A durable, long-lasting cutter blade reduces downtime and maintenance costs, boosting productivity and ensuring users can offer their customers a consistent and reliable service.

Building on Epson’s success in professional photo printing, crisp and vivid image quality is assured by its proven Micro Piezo printhead technology. When used in conjunction with Epson’s UltraChrome D6-S ink, the SureLab D700 boasts a wide colour gamut. The printed images are sharp and defined thanks to its high 1440dpi x 720dpi (max) resolution, variable sized ink droplets and precise droplet placement.

Recording memorable moments

JP Photographic regularly take momento photographs of the Kent Police Training School cadets at their passing out parades. The company set up a photographic studio in the school’s lecture theatre which consists of lighting and a back drop. The recruits then pose for the traditional photograph in their uniform, while award winners are given the opportunity to have photographs with their awards and family members. The photographs are downloaded and printed for them on the SureLab D700. Pete says: “Previously we used the dye sublimation printer but quickly realised that the quality couldn’t match that of the SureLab D700, so now that’s the printer we use for all our studio work.”

As well as regular photo shoots, JP Photographic are also asked to record one-off and special events:

One such commission is the Millfield School 80th Anniversary Dinner & Ball. To be held at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel, London, the event celebrates a memorable milestone in the life of the school. JP Photographic are to set up an event studio stand in the hotel for guests to have their photographs taken as they arrive, individually and in groups. The photos are to be printed on the SureLab D700 to ensure that everyone receives the best possible quality photograph and keepsake of their special evening.

Further information

The Tetenal Epson SureLab D700 video can be viewed here:

Or more info on the Epson SureLab D700 printer can be found on the Tetenal website: