Ink tank system triumphs over laser printing

WorkForce M200 and M100 machines have replaced laser printers

Ink tank system triumphs over laser printing

The low running costs and quality of the WorkForce M200 and M100 printers convinced KRAKEN’S to replace their original pool of laser printers

High-performance and high-volume printing required

As a company running several offices, KRAKEN’S, spol. s r.o. prints a large number of documents of various kinds on a daily basis: from standard invoices to sales promotions and ready-printed forms to be subsequently processed. Given the complexity of the company’s document management system, when choosing a printer, the main requirement is fast, high-quality and durable printing which keeps costs as low as possible.

KRAKEN’S director, Petr Kratochvíl, was regularly forced to deal with a number of shortcomings associated with the company printers, so he decided to start looking for a new solution. His printing problems were finally resolved by Epson’s ink tank system, which is integrated into the WorkForce M200 and WorkForce M100 machines.

Concerns about inkjet printing put to rest after loan of Epson machines

When printing company documents, Kratochvíl had to put up with a high rate of corruption of the printed materials and high printing costs. In addition, the wide range of devices the company was using was a concern. Then, during an AT Computers company dealers meeting, he learned about the capabilities of Epson printing solutions.

"Epson offered to loan us their range of ink tank system machines so that we could road-test them and evaluate them for one week. We were able to put the machines to the test in the demanding real-life operation of our company.  This helpful move by Epson was decisive in our purchase of the M100 and M200 machines,"explains Petr Kratochvíl.

Ink triumphs over laser

"The machines met all the requirements that we mentioned before. As the printers use pigmented ink, they excelled in terms of durability of the printed materials, the range of documents they are able to process, including digitisation, as well as in terms of print quality, networking options, and of course cost savings. The revolutionary Epson Ink Tank technology makes printing very affordable for the user, at just CZK 0.06 per page.

"The outcome came as a surprise both to me and the IT department, which had up to that point recommended and preferred laser printers. The WorkForce M200 and M100 machines met all our requirements one hundred per cent,"adds Kratochvíl. KRAKEN’S was so satisfied with the results that they soon replaced the original pool of printers. „ "We began using Epson printers at all our points of sale, in the service centre and in the company’s head office. We basically replaced all the company printers,"says Kratochvíl.

KRAKEN’S, spol. s r.o.

KRAKEN’S has been in the business of selling and servicing mobile phones since 1999. Its customers are offered a wide choice of products, services and servicing at the highest level. The company recently expanded its range of products by including more IT products, including Epson's portfolio of products and solutions.