Gatsias Art prints with the SC-P10000

Professional printing by Gatsias Art with Epson P10000

Gatsias Art prints with the SC-P10000

Gatsias Art, a Greek company with a long history in professional printing, has selected Epson's SureColor SC-P10000 for its photo printing.

The highest specifications

Greek company Gatsias Art specialises in creating photographic and decorative products in a wide variety of applications and dimensions.

The company provides high-quality printing for professional photography work, as well as comprehensive display solutions, including framing and stretching.

It also has a vast archive of authentic works by well-known Greek and overseas artists, and owns exclusive rights to reproduce and print the images.

Upgraded printing services with Epson

Gatsias Art’s steady growth has brought an increase in demand and production of photography and artwork products.

To meet its growing needs, the company recently upgraded its previous Epson printer to the SureColor SC-P10000 large-format photo printer, with its increased productivity, outstanding quality and ease of use.

The SureColor SC-P10000 is designed for photo labs, photography and copy shops and companies looking for a high-spec in-house solution.

This cutting-edge printer comes with a PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead for outstanding results and high productivity without compromising on quality.

The high-precision media feed technology, coupled with a paper feed stabiliser and inductive media roller system, ensures the printer runs smoothly even on more demanding jobs.

Gatsias Art places high a value on quality printing of artworks and photographs because of the complexity of colours involved and the demand for accurate reproduction.

The SureColor SC-P10000, with its 10-colour ink-set, produces consistently high-quality prints with deep, rich blacks thanks to new high-density Photo and Matte Black inks.

It also offers better gradation with reduced graininess for better colour stability. With Epson Colour Calibration utility, it can more also easily manage colour reproduction in the final output.

The new services at Gatsias Art made possible by the SureColor SC-P10000 have given the company the impetus to reproduce artworks and photographs for use in public and private spaces throughout Greece, Cyprus and Italy, as well as art museums, that are notorious for demanding excellent results.

Exclusive technology with unmatched quality

The reliability of the SureColor SC-P10000 was the key selling point, as it met all of the production requirements, combining higher printing speed with excellent printing quality of 600 x 600 dpi and above.