Freie Christliche school switches to Epson inkjet printers

Staff impressed by speed and cost-effectiveness

Freie Christliche school switches to Epson inkjet printers

Until recently, the Freie Christliche Gymnasium high school in Düsseldorf only used laser printers, but has now chosen to switch to inkjet thanks to a range of advantages including high-quality prints, minimal waiting time and low operating costs.

Freie Christliche School in Düsseldorf consists of a primary school in Hilden as well as a secondary school and a high school in Düsseldorf. 

The Düsseldorf school prints around 500,000 pages annually. This includes a wide variety of teaching materials, letters, contracts, invitations and small posters. A total of fourteen printers are currently in operation in the school.

The advantages of inkjet

"We produce predominantly black and white prints," explains Herbert Dannert, the school's head. "But because we make invitations and small posters as well, we also need a printer that can make high-quality prints in colour." Lessons are well prepared and discussions may lead to a need for more copies or prints to be made at short notice. Even though the laser printers previously used did manage the workload, "The waiting time for the printer to wake from sleep mode and actually start printing was often disruptively long for smaller print jobs."

When one of the laser printers had to be replaced, Mr Dannert and his team decided to install an inkjet printer in its place. Inkjet printing not only produces high-quality prints at extremely high print speeds. It's also very economical and requires up to 80 per cent less power than comparable colour laser printers.

As the three schools already used around one hundred Epson projectors that both  teachers and students are happy with, the school chose Epson to provide its new print solution. Following some research, the WorkForce Pro WF-R5690DTWF was chosen as it's a multi-functional printer based on the Epson RIPS system (Replaceable Ink Pack System), which enables very high print yields without having to replace cartridges. The printer was successfully installed within the school network in next to no time, meaning it was ready for action very quickly.

The Epson printer is located in the school's back office, where it is used continuously by the management team, executive board and HR department every day.

"The menu navigation on the colour touch screen display is intuitive and easy to use," says Mr Dannert. "And the quality of the prints is excellent. The printing of colour photos and graphics on compatible paper, is also particularly impressive. This enables us to be very flexible in creating high-quality presentations and smaller specialist jobs such as invitations, prospectuses and information materials".

No inconvenient waiting times

Another advantage compared to the laser printers previously used is the WorkForce printer's fast response time: "With the Epson printer you don't have to stand in front of it and wait for the printout, like you do with our old laser printers. Printing starts almost immediately after the data is sent – the laser sometimes needed well over a minute for this," says Mr Dannert. "Even the operating and maintenance costs are much cheaper."

These advantages speak for themselves, so much so that the remaining laser printers in the school also face being taken out of service. "My colleagues and I are very pleased," says Mr Dannert. "I think the printer is extremely functional, so it can be used in any area of the school."