Finger's Restaurant chooses EcoTank

Finger's Restaurant chooses EcoTank

Menus, table plans, reservations, bills, orders and staff rotas: restaurants need to print a lot of pages every day, and cartridges can run out very quickly. Finger's Restaurant in Milan, Italy, solved the problem with the purchase of an L555 EcoTank printer.


The Japanese restaurant, Finger's, was founded in Milan in 2004. The brainchild of Clarence Seedorf (former Inter and AC Milan footballer) and chef Roberto Okabe, its aim is to provide creative Japanese cuisine. Chef Roberto Okabe is known for developing dishes featuring typical Japanese cooking, merged with Brazilian tradition.

The menu offers a broad range of original dishes that attract customers who are used to the highest culinary quality and service that a restaurant can offer.

Finger's has a capacity of around 70 covers with approximately 20 staff, made up of waiting staff, cooks and support staff.

The success of the flagship restaurant led to the opening of three other restaurants: a second located in Milan (Finger's Garden), one in Porto Cervo and one in France.


The working day of a restaurant has many frenetic moments that customers do not usually see. A printer running out of ink, for example, can become a critical issue and is bound to happen at the wrong time - for example, when a customer is waiting for their bill at the end of the meal. To eliminate this potential problem, the restaurant chose to purchase one of Epson's EcoTank L555 printers.

Massimo Gariup, Head of Service at Finger's, comments: "We need to print bills and various other administrative documents - such as staff rotas, customer reservations and menus. Each and every day, we print a lot, so we needed a reliable product on which to do so, and one that in the long term would save us time and money. We have found the EcoTank L555 to be the perfect solution."


The EcoTank series of printers was created by Epson to meet the requirements of all small businesses who need to print a great deal without worrying about running out of ink.

The EcoTank L555 is multifunctional, featuring a scanner, photocopier and fax, with WiFi connectivity for increased flexibility. The models combine ease of use, practicality, quality and reliability in a single innovative package. The integrated high-capacity tanks provide a continual supply of ink to the printer without replacing multiple cartridges, resulting in a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Massimo Gariup adds: "Previously, we used a printer that forced us to replace the cartridges frequently at a high monthly cost and a substantial loss of time. Significantly, when the ink would run out and we had no replacement cartridge I remember having to run to the shop so I could finish printing the menus in time. I am delighted that this problem has been solved."