Epson's Print365 allows Digibord-ICT to meet demand for printing solutions

Print365 offers a tailor-made IT solution

Epson's Print365 allows Digibord-ICT to meet demand for printing solutions

From its inception in 2009, Digibord-ICT has mainly sold digital whiteboards and related products. A lot of the demand for this type of solution comes from education and SMEs, which have become Digibord-ICT's main markets.

As a supplier of IT solutions, Digibord-ICT was often asked if it provided a printing service, but it could never help with those requests. However, this has all changed in the last six months as Digibord-ICT is now a reseller of Print365, Epson's all-in-one printing solution.

Digibord-ICT is a company that has outgrown its name. It may have started selling only digital whiteboards, but it for a while now it has been offering its customers other products such as interactive projectors, touch screensand now printing solutions as well.

"It all happened very organically," Peter Swart, Digibord-ICT's co-founder and co-owner, explains. “We knew Epson through its projectors, but we hadn't ever seriously considered switching to its printers. However, once Epson showed us their Print365 concept, we became very interested."

"With Print365, customers pay a fixed monthly amount, and can choose a printer and printing package suited to their usage requirements. Together with Print365, we take care of everything else. The print management portal shows, in a really simple way, how many prints are being made and what the status of the consumables is. When they're almost used up, new cartridges are sent automatically, without any input from us. This means that users can print without a care. It's a tailor-made IT solution, and it has really suited us from the start." 

Tailor-made printers

Swart and his partner André de Vries frequently see customers who do not have the right printer for their situation. "Schools in particular often have equipment that has a lot more capacity than they actually need," Swart explains. "Print365 offers customers a choice of smaller printers. It can offer the right solution for any situation."

The positive experiences of customers are testament to this. "Some of them have been making huge savings since they've taken out a Print365 contract. For a lot of them, this setup is completely new as they previously used a laser printer they had bought themselves and had to call the engineer when it needed maintenance." According to Swart, the fact that Print365 takes care of such concerns, as well as a range of other tasks, is what really adds value for users. "They no longer have to worry about printing materials or maintenance. That's all taken care of, so that they can focus on their core business."

Swart and his colleague have noticed that the inkjet printers are also proving to be a winner. "When thinking of an inkjet printer, a lot of customers imagine an old fashioned machine with its printer heads constantly drying out, but that is no longer the case. We're only hearing positive stories from our customers." Another success with customers is the short duration of the Print365 contract. Swart knows why, "It is only half as long as competitors' contracts, so thirty six months is not a daunting prospect in comparison."

Easy to calculate consumption

One of the greatest advantages for Digibord-ICT is that Epson pays an advance for every thirty six month contract it provides. However, Digibord-ICT's experience would not have been so positive without the ease with which suitable price quotations can be drawn up.

Swart explains, "Assuming that customers know what their consumption is, they can fill in their requirements themselves in the Print365 tool. If they don't know how much they're using, Epson provides a neat assessment tool that keeps and eye on consumption and calculates monthly amounts." The tool works accurately, and as a result, Digibord-ICT has so far never recommended an unsuitable printer or package.

Because Print365 manages all processes, Digibord-ICT has been able to enter a completely different world with relatively little effort. "Epson has trained us well, and our customers use the same portal as us, so they can easily keep an eye on their own consumption. This means that the system is fully transparent. They automatically receive printing materials when they run out, and any faults can be passed straight to the Epson helpdesk. For us, as a small company, that's an ideal situation. We've got our hands free to do what we're good at, but we can still offer a wide range of tailor-made services."