Efficient printing for efficient business

The LOFFICE shared office chain provides open-plan work areas, individual offices and conference rooms for tenants. The tenants have access to Epson's L550 multi-function printers.

The first LOFFICE office was opened in Budapest in 2009. Since then, offices sized between 12 and 250m², complete withinfrastructure and IT support, have been available for tenants at four city-centre locations. Environmental awareness and ergonomic principles were key considerations in the design and operation of the rooms. As a result, LOFFICE was awarded third place in the 2011 Green Office of the Year contest.


In the LOFFICE shared office chain, companies can request their own independent office, a desk in a shared office or even several rooms. For discussions, business meetings or conferences they can also choose conference rooms or seminar rooms. The shared office chain provides full services with all the tools and infrastructure needed for tenants to conduct their business in an efficient manner.

Flexibility and co-operation

The advantage of shared offices is that temporary co-workers working there inspire one other and help each other succeed in their respective businesses. At LOFFICE, everybody does their own work, but instead of using their own tools and being isolated in separate offices, they can take advantage of the infrastructure established by the shared office. Since cost efficiency and ease of use are of prime importance in office printing as well, this is where the multi-functional tools provided by Epson's L550 come into play, with full office services for users in the six-week trial period.

Cost efficiency and ease of use

In choosing the right office tools, it was important to allow individual users easy installation of the multi-functional printers on their own computers. Epson's L550 makes printing, copying, scanning and faxing easy at a low cost, making it the perfect partner for office work. Thanks to the ultra-large capacity ink cartridge, machines use just one bottle of ink to print 4,000 black or 6,500 coloured pages while working reliably. Refills require no expert knowledge, so LOFFICE personnel can easily take care of it. The shared offices have different levels of usage, so printers have different usage levels as well. Aside from low printing costs, environmentally-friendly operation was also an important factor, so Epson's Micro Piezo technology was perfect. This is achieved through the print head not needingto be heated before printing, which allows the machines to operate with low energy requirements.