Epson opens up new business opportunities


The SureColor SC-F2000 paid for itself in just one month

Sign makers Expo Reklameatelier can supply signs to a much wider customer base. The SureColor SC-F2000 produces T-shirt prints much faster, cheaper and simpler than ever before.

Expo Reklameatelier is a market leader in the Grenland area of Norway, and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The company supplies a wide range of promotional articles, such as signs, banners, advertising leaflets, exhibition walls, vehicle decals and facade profiling, to a range of businesses in all sorts of sectors.

Paid for itself in just one month

When Epson launched the SureColor SC-F2000, its first T-shirt printer which printed directly onto the garment, Expo Reklameatelier was quick to realise its potential for extra revenue. The company was one of the first in Norway to order and use it. Many others have since followed suit, and the demand has exceeded Epson's expectations.

"This has undoubtedly been our best investment ever. It's expanded our customer base and made life a lot easier. The purchase price was repaid after just one month," says Managing Director Atle Wang.

Fully developed by Epson

The SureColor SC-F2000 is the first T-shirt printer for which the printer heads, ink and cabinet have been developed and produced by the same manufacturer. The combination of Epson's renowned Micro Piezo ink technology and the new UltraChrome DG ink specially developed for textiles and pre-treatment solutions ensure a very precise, high-quality result. The height of the medium plate can be adjusted, and it is available in four sizes for easy garment positioning. The Garment Creator software included makes editing and printing easy. The software can also calculate print costs by estimating the amount and cost of ink to be used for each job.

Cuts print time significantly

Traditional textile printing methods on cotton, such as stamping/printing on transfer film, are often time-consuming and complicated processes. The SureColor SC-F2000 does the job in the blink of an eye. According to Wang, it has opened up new market segments such as printing on Russ clothing (worn by Norwegian college leavers).

"It used to take up to 24 hours to do T-shirt printing. It now takes seconds with just a few simple keystrokes. If members of a club want to brand their own Russ clothing, for example, we can do it while they wait. The fact that it's easier for the customer means more customers for us," says Wang.

More than T-shirts and top quality

The SureColor SC-F2000 was initially developed for cotton T-shirts, but Expo Reklameatelier has found that it can also be used to print on other garments, such as soft shell jackets. The company has also tested print quality and durability thoroughly.

"The wear resistance exceeded all expectations. We tested and washed T-shirts at temperatures of up to 90 degrees, without any effect on the print. The quality is also impressive. Traditional printing methods leave an impression on the outside of the garment. But the SureColor SC-F2000 integrates the print into the garment," explains Wang.

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