The Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning chooses Epson to equip Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools with the latest projectors for completely interactive lessons

The Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning that governs the Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools was founded in 1836 as a non-profit welfare foundation. It is the oldest educational foundation in Greece, having a strong presence in the educational, spiritual, cultural, scientific and social life of the country since its foundation. Currently, the 5 school complexes in Greece (Psychiko and Ekali in Attica, Thessaloniki, Patras and Ioannina) and the Greek-Albanian College in Tirana, Albania (with a total of 28 school complexes) accommodate thousands of students of all educational levels, ranging from nursery and primary school to secondary education, while the Lyceum secondary schools achieve the highest university entry success rates (96%).
The Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning always promotes educational opportunities such as the education programmes that it integrates into its schools each year, as well as the Free University of the Book Arcade, which provides a series of adult educational courses.

Between 2009 and 2010, the Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools created the Arsakeia Digital Programme by developing the e-arsakeio digital school which uses the award-winning e-learning platform eFront, an integrated electronic learning management system, and covers the entire primary to secondary education courses being taught to students at the Arsakeio schools. An interactive learning system was therefore developed.

As part of the renewal and improvement of its learning process, in 2013, the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning equipped its classrooms with new projectors and ink tank system printers that are compatible with its schools’ learning platform, in order to meet the needs of students and teachers. Epson was chosen by tender after extensive research and testing for the supply of visual equipment – interactive projectors and high-brightness projectors – and part of the educational foundation’s printing needs were covered by the high-performance ink tank system printers.

Easier and more effective learning and presentation

Specifically, Active Computer Systems (an authorised EPSON reseller) installed 56 EB-465i Interactive Ultra Short Throw projectors, 53 ΕΒ-460 Ultra Short Throw projectors, 43 EB-485Wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw projectors, 1 EH-TW480 projector, 1 EB-W16SK 3D projector and 6 L550 multifunctional ITS systems.

Epson’s EB-465i and EB-485Wi projectors were chosen because of their short throw projection (just 31 cm), their long-life bulbs which are required for extensive use on an everyday basis, their high colour and white light output (3,100 lumens) – necessary for bright classrooms – and the interaction that they offer. Participation in lessons and presentations increased, while notes were more easily and quickly distributed in electronic format to all participants, without having to use the classic whiteboard marker.

Enhanced productivity and participation

Epson projectors have been installed in almost all of the classrooms in the 10 primary and 8 secondary Arsakeia-Tositseia schools in Greece and Albania.

As part of its collaboration with the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning, Epson has donated an ΕΒ-W16SK – a 3D passive projector system that delivers bright projections – which will be installed in one of the new technologically equipped laboratory classrooms in a school in Athens.
The L550 printers have been distributed to specific primary schools and lyceums in Athens, the secondary school in Patras and the primary school in Thessaloniki.

Epson projectors have made lessons fully interactive and more interesting for everyone. Students are now able to actively participate in shaping the course of the lesson and visualise everything that they read in real time. In addition, the Epson projectors are fully compatible with the e-arsakeio lessons and the platform they use. At a mere EUR0.005/page or EUR2.50/500 pages, the L550 multifunctional printers deliver low-cost colour photocopies to meet the needs of classrooms or offices.