Epson creates a modern print environment at Kazimierz Wielki University

Printers form an integrated document management environment

Epson creates a modern print environment at Kazimierz Wielki University

WorkForce Pro and SureColor printers combine with smart scanning software to streamline the work of the Kazimierz Wielki University administration and library.

A modern university, in addition to its core activity of transferring knowledge to students, is also a huge organisation that processes and generates many thousands of documents. There are also applications, scientific papers and everything associated with back-office administration. Regardless how good the team is, managing this documentation still requires intelligent, high-quality printing and scanning tools.

Other challenges include creating attractive boards and posters for brand identity and marketing, especially in larger formats. Many different projects and typically low print runs mean that ordering work from external companies is expensive.

In response to these challenges, representatives of Kazimierz Wielki University started searching for equipment that would meet all their needs while maintaining reliability, print speed and low operating costs over a long period of use. It was vital that the equipment came from one manufacturer, was user-friendly and could be installed and running quickly.

An inkjet printing ecosystem

After a thorough analysis what was available on the market, both in terms of purchase price of the equipment and suitability for the university's requirements, innovative printing solutions from Epson were chosen. For the back office and the dean's office, multifunctional devices from the WorkForce Pro series were selected, including the WF-5620, WF-5690 and WF-R8590D3TWFC. There’s also an LFP SureColor T500 in the main building of the university library where banners, posters and large-format prints are displayed.

A wide range of benefits

The implementation of Epson solutions immediately improved the effectiveness and ease of work in the dean's office and university offices. Printing on Epson multifunction printers, including documents with dozens of pages, has become intuitive because of its immediacy and speed, so other activities don’t have to be interrupted.

The quality and most importantly durability of prints meet all of the requirements for archived documents, academic papers and correspondence. A nice surprise for those working in the registry office was the discovery that the WorkForce Pro is not only a printer, but also a device for the intelligent management of documentation. With its built-in fast two-sided scanner and bundled software, the digitisation of reviewed academic papers takes only a fifth of the time spent previously. In the course of a month, it allows dozens of hours of work to be saved, which can be used for other tasks.

The ergonomics of the WorkForce Pro printers provide not only the comfort of low-noise operation but also a user-friendly interface that enables rapid deployment of the system without time-consuming training.

The SureColor T500 works very well as a tool for creating information boards or posters. Stopping commissioning work of this kind from external printers has resulted in much faster realisation of finished work, as well as savings of 30%.

From the point of view of the university administration, the choice of one supplier with a dedicated range means the efficient delivery of supplies at a very good price.

A good range and helpful demonstrations

Epson was chosen as the print ecosystem provider based on the quality of its comprehensive offer, which competed not only on price, but also on meeting the varied expectations of the team.

The local Epson representative had to prove how much of an advantage switching to inkjet would be for the university, which hadn't used the technology before, but allowing the printers to be installed and tested before buying convinced users very quickly.

Future prospects

Kazimierz Wielki University, as well as continuing to educate generations of new students, is also developing its facilities. It's already talking about acquiring further printers, and the likelihood that they will bear the Epson logo is very high. Moreover, the company’s products will also be considered when lecture halls are equipped with new projectors.

Customer’s opinion

"In terms of the benefits the Epson printers (e.g. WorkForce Pro 8590D3TWFC) have brought the administration of Kazimierz Wielki University, the unprecedented acceleration of archiving work that was previously seen as extremely tedious and thankless should be remembered," says Krzysztof Mieczykowski, from the university's IT department. "Double-sided scanning with the ADF reduces this operation to inserting a file of documents and saving the file in the right place. Staff and students praise the print quality, especially colour prints, and their resistance to water, abrasion and UV light guarantees durability."

He continues, "From the point of view of cost management, it's not just the low cost per page that's important, but also savings from the low level of faults, the warranty and the minimal power consumption, which translates into a very good total cost of ownership of the devices (TCO)."

Paweł Zwierzchowski, another member of the IT department, adds, "After using the LFP SureColor T500 printer for several months, I was, as expected, very impressed by the quality of the work it does, which far outstrips offset printing. In addition, a big positive surprise is the excellent way the printer deals with the variety of materials that we use for printing, such as cardboard sheets originally intended for the production of beer mats, and the very high quality of print mechanisms and drivers."

He adds, "When the printer ran out of ink during one print job and we needed to refill it, the device continued the interrupted job so smoothly that it was impossible to find the place where it had stopped."