The Cerdanyola Local Government trusts Epson's business inkjet

The local government estimates an energy saving of €4,000+

The Cerdanyola Local Government trusts Epson's business inkjet

Throughout its career of becoming a "totally digital local government," the city council decided to acquire Epson WorkForce pro inkjet printers

Following the commitment posed by the Electronic Administration Law for local governments, the reduction of use of paper and the integration of digital management platforms is mandatory. In this sense, the Cerdanyola del Vallès Local Government mainly works on two lines: renovation and modernization of basic infrastructure, to guarantee a maximum speed and possible feasibility environment; and another: the digitalization of administrative processes and the adoption of measures to be a totally digital local government.

Although this may seem to lead to the elimination of paper in processes, what's certain is that this continues to play a key role. Digitalization has reached extremely high levels, but there are cases in which paper is absolutely essential, such as signing contracts.

Activating the technological change: from laser to business inkjet

The Cerdanyola del Vallès local administration's decision of adopting new technology is preceded by two basic needs: reducing the total cost of property and guaranteeing a simplification of processes, unifying functions into one device. Thus, they combined document scanning, copying and printing into one equipment, where there was previously old printing equipment with truly high costs per page.

The Epson business inkjet technology became a great ally, allowing the Cerdanyola Local Government to reduce energy consumption by 92%, as well as eliminating residue and, thus, generating a much more eco-friendlyenvironment in terms of the technological equipment installed. The WorkForce Pro spectrum became an ally for reaching high environmental performance standards.

Simplifying management: paying for use in printing

After conducting a study prior to the number of annual prints per equipment carried out at the Local Government's office, a printing fee (cost per page) was established. By including ink in the price, the Local Government completely forgot about the management of supplies and the resulting cost.

The SEMIC Justprint solution allows for a smart ink management and, when reaching a predetermined ink consumption percentage, a refill order is automatically launched, reaching the equipment manager's desk in 2-3 days.

The Local Government, at this point, poses to continue making progress on the totally digital management model, focusing on improving processes to be a more efficient and effective administration.

The automation of processes, such as the printing use payment system, will allow to establish service level indicators, identifying areas for improvement and effectively communicating the corporation's actions (Open and Transparent Government).