Efficient archiving and storage thanks to Epson labelling

LabelWorks offers a comprehensive label solution

Efficient archiving and storage thanks to Epson labelling

Labelling is vital in the organisation and smooth running of warehouses and archives, so it is important to be able to trust your label printers to offer the quality, reliability and flexibility you need. AV distributor McDigit has discovered that LabelWorks label makers are the answer to all their labelling needs.

Operational efficiency and professionalism mean success

McDigit is a distributor of audiovisual systems, specialising in the field of video projection. McDigit has implemented a quality system intended to map out technical, organisational and fundamental human factors to maximise efficiency and achieve company success. For this reason, it aims to optimise each process within the company.

"We believe that by correctly optimising resources, we can achieve full operational efficiency," says Lucio Tortora, general manager and CEO of McDigit. "To do this in our company, everyone at every level needs to be aware that he or she is a decisive factor in creating value, and that all the company processes are perfected for the maximum satisfaction of customers."

Labelling is a key part of the McDigit warehouse

In addition to distributing pro AV solutions to major vendors, McDigit manages the entire range of Provis projection screens, which offer extensive personalisation options, requiring a great deal of attention in the logistics phase.

For this reason, each item requires a uniform internal code to guarantee uniformity. The labelling of products therefore plays a key role in managing the entire warehouse, which ships around 8,000 products with an average of around 2,500 deliveries annually.

In the past, a simple thermal label printer was used. However these labels suffered rapid deterioration because of environmental conditions, especially in hot weather, leading to errors when reading barcodes, and in some cases, labels detaching from the packaging.

"During the summer months, we found a lot of labels on the floor," says Tortora. "They had become detached from the packaging. This meant we had to open each package to visually identify the products and label them again. It took a lot of effort that required several days of work, forcing us to reassess our printing solutions."

Strong, high-quality labels

Testing the models available on the market showed the company that the LabelWorks Pro100 was the ideal solution from their first use, due to the exceptional quality of the labels. The printer is an excellent solution for optimum adhesiveness and high-quality printing, guaranteeing an efficient, uninterrupted barcode-reading process.

Another advantage for McDigit was the opportunity to print with ink on multi-coloured media using two different techniques (thermal transfer and direct thermal printing).  Paper labels are printed for temporary use, while chlorine-free olefin plastic labels are used for poster designs, as they are both durable and eco-friendly.

"Thanks to the speed and simplicity of use," explains Tortora, "LabelWorks Pro100 printers have become an indispensable tool for our business. We were looking for a solution to print product labels, but found a 360-degree solution for all labelling requirements both in the warehouse and in the office."

Taking advantage of the label maker's potential, in particular the possibility of making use of the entire space of the label with marginless printing, the company has used it to create all their internal signage for plant rooms and common areas requiring safety notices. For larger signage they divided the image into two, three or four parts, which were then aligned when affixed.
Having experienced on-site the usefulness and practicality of LabelWorks, the company acquired another unit for office use. Thanks to its versatile Epson Label Editor software, it can be used to print customised layout labels quickly and easily.

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