Create a breathtaking event experience with Epson projectors

Interactive ceiling in the Alexander Events Garden

Create a breathtaking event experience with Epson projectors

Indigo DJ's is a leading musical events consultancy that prides itself on delivering an unrivalled personal service to its customers. One of these customers is the Alexander Events Garden, based in the Sharon region of Israel. Event gardens are very popular in Israel, particularly with couples looking to marry in a truly memorable setting.

In order to create a unique event experience, Indigo DJ's adopted an approach not previously seen in Israel. Interactive ceilings were used to create a feeling of being outside and watching the sky, while images such as trees, clouds and stars are projected onto the ceiling.

Before turning to Epson, Hitachi projectors were originally installed, but the projectors were not strong enough and were often too large to fit into a wedding hall full of guests. Additionally, the projection on the interactive ceiling did not stand out against the dynamic lighting background that is typically used in an event garden.

Epson's solution

In place of Hitachi projectors, EB-Z11005 projectors with 0.8 lenses were installed on the ceiling of the hall. The powerful projectors have extremely high contrast, permitting a strong, colourful and eye-catching projection.

According to Yaron Balulu, the owner of Indigo DJs, the projectors greatly improve the guests' event experience and provide customers with exactly what they wanted to achieve: an extraordinary experience that the wedding guests will continue to talk about.

He feels that the use of the projectors greatly influences the customers' choice of event garden, as they assist in providing a unique experience for the customer. The interactive ceiling, providing an illusion of a sky while in a enclosed hall, offers a visual experience that can't be found elsewhere in Israel.