Coombeshead Academy buys a SureColor SC-T5000 printer

Epson large-format printer produces quality results every time

Coombeshead Academy buys a SureColor SC-T5000 printer

Coombeshead Academy has invested in an Epson SureColor SC-T5000 printer for a range of large-format digital printing duties within the school.

As technology changes, teaching and learning environments are changing too. In order to make the learning experience more efficient and interactive for teachers and students, a lot of time and attention is devoted to preparing class materials which are mostly paperwork, but are often let down by poor quality printing. Coombeshead Academy, however, is far from lacking when it comes to printing, since its decision to invest in a SureColor SC-T5000 printer.

Based in Newton Abbot, Devon, Coombeshead Academy is a high-achieving 11-18 comprehensive school with approximately 1,000 students. Providing a dynamic environment for students to learn, one of the Academy’s aims is to help prepare students for the demands of a changing, technologically-advanced world. When it became time to update the printer in the art and photography department, it was the perfect time to look at a wider application of large-format digital printing within the school.

Sam Eyre, lead practitioner art and design and digital media at Coombeshead Academy says, “I wanted to see what digital print could bring to our school as a whole – not just for the art and photography department. It had to be flexible enough for students, teachers and school staff to use, and affordable.”

Epson printer ticks all the boxes

The obvious solution was an Epson SureColor SC-T5000 large-format four-colour printer, which appeared to tick all the boxes. The 36-inch printer is ideal for printing the academy’s custom banners, presentations and indoor posters and signage. Efficient and economical, the SC-T5000 takes just 28 seconds to produce an A1 print in draft mode on plain paper, and offers optimised running costs with a choice of cartridge sizes – 700ml, 350ml and 110ml.

Using Epson UltraChrome XD Ink, the SC-T5000 produces high-quality prints with deep blacks, a wide colour gamut and crisp, dense lines. The pigment-based ink is also smudge, crease and water-resistant, so is highly durable – perfect in the busy school environment.

“It was very straightforward to install,” says Sam. “And with a little training, it was up and running in no time.” Another plus for Sam is the small footprint and, because it is operated from the front with media fed in at the top and the finished prints emerging at the front, it can be placed against a wall. An important consideration where space is a premium.

One of the biggest plus features of the SC-T5000 for the Academy, is the PRESTIGE software, created specifically for Epson. Sam says, “The software makes creating posters and banners so easy – anyone can do it with little or no experience. It has encouraged the students to be more creative and experimental when planning projects and displays. The results have been stunning.”

Epson technology inspires students to achieve higher grades

With education budgets being cut, any investment in school equipment has to make a good return and that is something that the SC-T5000 has done since being installed. In fact, it has more than paid for itself in a number of ways. The school has reduced its printing and production costs, as everything can now be produced in house. It has also had a positive impact on the students’ course work and exam results, with a marked improvement in students’ grades. Exam moderators have even commented on the quality and high standard of work on display throughout the school.

“The printer has changed the way in which the whole school works – not just for the students but for members of staff too. Whether it’s posters or banners, timetables or printed documents, I have departments queueing up to use it on a regular basis,” says Sam.

Sam plans to promote what he and the Academy have achieved with digital print to other schools and colleges in the area. Acting as visual and digital arts advisor, he hopes to inspire other educational establishments to invest in digital print and to change the way in which art departments work in the future, with live print demos and workshops using Epson technology.