Cloudamour and Epson create modern office

Demonstrating cutting-edge technology to clients

Cloudamour and Epson create modern office

CLOUDAMOUR is a customer-centric IT business committed to helping companies accelerate their performance by employing and embracing new technologies. Part of their offering includes proactively identifying collaborative and interactive IT solutions for their customers. The company was voted Microsoft World Wide Cloud Partner of the year

Inspiring customers

The company has a range of clients spanning a number of industries including finance, media, recruitment and retail. A number of these are smaller companies that are often frustrated that they don’t have access to the same IT infrastructure that large corporates do.

In order to demonstrate the potential of a cloud-based IT infrastructure to customers, Cloudamour has created a truly state-of-the-art innovation centre ( This is complete with a number of new ‘hands-on’ technologies, including a clever ‘digital’ receptionist and an Epson EB-1430Wi touch meeting room solution, Cloudamour wanted the ability to engage customers through collaboration and interactivity and create what they call a “customer immersion experience (CIE)”.

A recent survey found that enterprises using collaboration tools saw a 23% increase in overall customer satisfaction after just one year of deployment[1]. “We know from experience that the easiest way to show people what’s possible with collaborative technologies in business is to immerse them in that experience,” says Mitchell Feldman, Cloudamour’s CEO & Founder. “We wanted to create an amazing environment that would inspire any business to become even greater.”

Creating an immersion experience

A key part of Cloudamour’s CIE is the high definition video conferencing suite. Visitors can take part in a free workshop to immerse themselves in a number of every-day business scenarios to demonstrate how modern, cutting-edge technology can change the way people work through greater collaboration and interactivity.

The suite showcases the EB-1430Wi touch solution, which is able to project up to 100" images onto almost any surface, making it ideal for inclusive meeting participation. “The kind of people we bring in here are impressed by technology and Epson’s interactive solution helps us show clients the potential of a truly modern conference and meeting room,” says Feldman. “People leave our showroom excited at the possibility of what they can achieve.”

A whole solution

Visitors can use finger-touch technology to make notes on a blank whiteboard or annotate over the top of existing documents. This interactivity can be used in the same way as on a touchscreen tablet. “The projectors’ whiteboard mode helps us create a story and a technological roadmap for our clients,” says Feldman. “Being able to switch between different whiteboard screens is helpful, as is the ability to annotate over the top of network diagrams, which we use regularly.”

The Epson meeting room solution is installed alongside an Epson WorkForce Pro business inkjet printer. Documents can be created and edited using the interactive projector element and then saved and printed easily. “The EB-1430Wi is a great solution because it allows us to use the meeting room to full effect without the need for a lot of additional kit,” said Feldman. "The cost of this technology means that it is now accessible to all of our customers. The ability to use the solution is multiple areas of their business to help drive a collaborative culture is a really attractive proposition for small businesses, ” he continued.


One of the solutions that Cloudamour is able to demonstrate is how Epson’s touch meeting room solution integrates with the Microsoft Lync video conferencing functionality to create more ‘interactive’ meetings.

A massive 87% of video conferencing users found that the technology made them feel more connected to their teams and colleagues[1]. Thanks to advancements in technology, users can now easily add a new interactive element to these meetings.

“A client of ours in the finance sector has a workforce that is disparate locations, so the opportunity to hold face-to-face meetings is limited” says Feldman. “They now use the EB-1430Wi’s touch functionality and Microsoft Lync to improve their collaboration in meeting environments by allowing all attendees to make notes and comment on the output. The client has commented how they felt this single piece of technology has made the company feel more joined up and the users love it.”

This example shows how Cloudamour has taken Epson technology and combined it with other solutions and services to show how it can be integrated into a modern office environment. “We chose Epson technology because they are a well-known industry brand and they shared the same vision as us in terms of creating interactive, collaborative solutions for our clients,” added Feldman.

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