C.A.T.-Verlag chooses inkjet for its office

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C.A.T.-Verlag chooses inkjet for its office

Epson WorkForce Pro inkjet printers take care of a range of tasks at the publishers C.A.T.-Verlag in Ratingen, Germany.

At its C.A.T.-Verlag publishing house in Ratingen, the Blömer family has been publishing trade magazines, catalogues and advertising brochures for two generations. With a focus on the photography, home entertainment and white goods sectors, the editors cover themes relating to specialist retail and technological development at a national and international level. And the further editorial emphasis on the printing and media sector has earned the publisher an excellent reputation internationally. In addition to written and visual contributions, there are also film and video recordings with which the highly specialised technical content is made accessible to an interested public worldwide. Despite the digital hype to which the media industry is subject, printed editions in German and English continue to be an essential focus of the publisher's work.

Better than standard

"We use Mac computers exclusively here," says Andreas Blömer, Publishing Director of C.A.T.- Verlag, talking about his company's IT systems, "so our first requirement in an office printer was that it could carry out all printing tasks in this environment without complaint. Because that, unfortunately, can't always be taken for granted." And the tasks arising for an office printer in a medium-sized publishing company are indeed diverse. For example, the everyday duties of the WorkForce Pro inkjet include printing letters, emails, reports and accounts, but, thanks to its high printing performance, it is also regularly used to produce presentations and drafts.

In addition to these standard tasks, there is also another, more unusual requirement for the printer at C.A.T.- Verlag. Thanks to its high print quality it has recently started being systematically used for the layout proofs of the magazine 'World of Print'. After organising the layout for a new edition, the publishers always print a complete magazine on the Epson printer so that the team can go through it page by page to spot errors and inconsistencies. Has the colour displayed correctly? Is the pagination correct and does it fit the subject matter? Have the texts been correctly set and how effective are the photographs in the articles?

"Printing layout proofs is probably an unusual task for an office printer," continues Blömer, "and although perfect print quality isn't the main factor here, it is important. Because we have to see the whole edition in front of us, smear-proof and in reasonable quality on normal paper. For magazines such as 'World of Print', full-colour prints are especially important because we also have photos, graphics and tables in our editions and you have to be able to assess these in terms of quality. Ink is just better at doing that than laser and also we don't have to deal with hot paper any more."

No luxury

At C.A.T.- Verlag the printer also functions, when needed, as a printing machine for the company's official headed notepaper. The WorkForce Pro prints the required information directly onto business letters. The prints with pigmented inks do not bleed through the paper and are both waterproof and smear-proof directly after completion – even highlighters cannot harm them. Because of this, duplex printing on ordinary copier paper has now become standard practice at C.A.T.- Verlag thanks to the new Epson. In addition, the printer's ink cartridges last a good month despite it being in virtually permanent use within office hours, consistently producing high-coverage prints. Moreover, now everyone can change the ink cartridges, thanks to the simple operation of the printer – employees no longer need to call a technician and regular cleaning of toner dust from the printer has become unnecessary. Another point in the Epson WorkForce's favour is its in-built high-performance scanner. Before, everything had to be laboriously duplicated on the photocopier; now only the click of a mouse is required.

"We've put the printer in the main work area," continues Blömer, "and the reason that works so well is that inkjet is a clean, economical printing technology. With the Epson WorkForce, we're not only reducing our power costs but we also no longer have to walk back and forth to the departmental printer. And added to all the benefits that the inkjet has bestowed on us is one that we didn't even notice at first: there's no warming up time any more. The print starts immediately after the start of the job. It might sound insignificant, but you get used to it very quickly and it's now an additional luxury that no one wants to do without again."