AVEX chooses Epson laser projectors

Laser installation projectors in the boardroom and auditorium

AVEX chooses Epson laser projectors

System integrator AVEX is a specialist in leading audio-visual solutions. When one of AVEX's clients, a business services provider in Amsterdam, needed to refit its boardroom and auditorium, account manager Marcel Brinkhof, knew just which projectors to use.

As both spaces have several windows and therefore lots of daylight, it was a projection challenge. The previous projectors weren't strong enough to handle the daylight so the curtains always had to be drawn during presentations.

AVEX has 30 years' experience with companies from a wide range of sectors and this helps them to integrate systems for images, acoustic noise, light and content.

"When the customer had the office refurbished a few years ago, we fitted-out the whole building. So we were already familiar with the customer and the situation.

"We inventoried the new functional description and made a recommendation on that basis,” says Brinkhof.

Sharp picture, low maintenance

The company said that to be the best, they needed the best technology.

It wasn't just that the projection was no longer clear enough for that, the image also needed to be sharper.

AVEX therefore recommended Epson's projectors - the EB-L1300U and EB-L1500U, which use laser technology.

"We had several reasons for choosing this model and this technology. On one hand, there's the unprecedented sharpness, and its durability and low maintenance costs also make it an excellent choice. Projectors that use other techniques generally require more maintenance,” says Brinkhof.

"Furthermore, lamps need to be replaced more frequently. With laser projection, the light source lasts much longer. Epson also gives a 5-year or 20,000-hour warranty. Naturally, this all has a bearing on cost."

“At the customer's request, we made the touchscreen operation more user-friendly," Brinkhof concludes.

“This made it a plug-and-play system for the users – just as it should be in an auditorium and boardroom.”