AKI DIY store boosts efficiency with Epson's ColorWorks

Create merchandising materials and signage with ColorWorks

AKI DIY store boosts efficiency with Epson's ColorWorks

Led by Juan José García Grande, the Head of Visual Merchandising, AKI Spain has launched an initiative in all its stores in Spain to boost efficiency when creating signage for the brand's commercial premises by using Epson's ColorWorks.

The project

After detecting some inefficiencies in current processes for printing in AKI stores throughout Spain, the Visual Merchandising department of the DIY and home improvement brand went to work on a project to give the stores more autonomy. The aim was to increase efficiency, reduce costs and allow stores to be self-sufficient to meet ongoing and regularly changing needs for in-store signage.

Anyone who has visited an AKI store will have seen the vast amount of information that the stores provide in their signage, not only on the shelf, but also to provide training and information, which is highly valued by customers.

This labelling was previously generated by a central service, that printed large volumes of labels to meet the requirements of the 57 stores. But that 'centralised service' required multiple stages and dedicated staff: printing in large formats, cutting to size, checking each label manually, then stuffing into envelopes and dispatching. The project, led by Juan José García, sought to optimise this procedure.

The solution: ColorWorks

The idea was clear: to decentralise the service so that each store, through a single and common system, could access the files they needed and be self-sufficient to respond quickly and effectively to signage and merchandising changes.

Their first aim with the printing system was to reduce the manual work of cutting and adapting materials. Epson's ColorWorks high-speed roll label printer was the obvious choice. With automatic cutting, it offered exactly what AKI was looking for. As the shelf labels were all one size, the difference was simply a choice of two widths, ColorWorks made it possible for printing of the labels to be automated and for each store to have full control of the process.

Now, an AKI employee simply goes to the ColorWorks printer, selects the type of label they need from those offered by central services, prints it and places it in the right location immediately.

Nothing but advantages

For AKI Spain, the use of Epson's ColorWorks in each of its stores has brought multiple advantages.

  • By decentralising the service, stores are able to meet to the need for immediate action that constant changes in collection, opening of new centres, remodelling of stores, for example, require.
  • Each store now has complete control over the process of production and placement of new labels. And it's easy for any employee to go to the catalogue and print them.
  • The reduction in cost is substantial, over and above drastically reducing the amount of waste generated from unused labels. The stores print only what they need, when they need it.
  • The central staff who previously did the manual tasks such as printing, cutting, packing and shipping, now have other responsibilities, and can use their time more effectively.
  • With a sticky label containing the information of the employee who assisted them with their purchase, the customer can easily contact their sales person.
  • The high quality colour printing of Epson's ColorWorks has improved the brand image, resulting in greater consistency, and allowing the use of new label materials, such as textiles, for areas such as decor.


To watch the video click here.

Innovation on behalf of the customer

AKI Spain defines itself as a company that has the 'innovation gene' in its DNA. In the constant search for improvement and new ways to generate enhanced customer experiences, AKI continues to innovate.

With Epson's ColorWorks, one single label printer per store has been able to change the business image and increase customer satisfaction.