Aalborg University chooses the EB-L25000U

Aalborg University turns the lights right up

Over the last few years, Aalborg University has been optimising its AV setup. It aims to streamline IT operations with a focus on user-friendliness. The university has bought five Epson installation projectors for its auditoriums and assembly halls.

Aalborg University has also chosen Epson for the other 350 smaller projectors installed in its classrooms.

There is at least one permanently installed projector in every room, and the products are all the same, so users only need to familiarise themselves with one system.

"We used to have many different brands, but now we only use Epson. It may have been a bigger investment at first, but their products last and maintenance costs are significantly lower. We used to have bulb projectors in our auditoriums and the bulbs needed to be changed every year or so. That cost us DKK 30,000–40,000.

"Now we've switched to laser projectors, which last around five years. The image from the laser projectors is also sharper, so the user experience is better all round," explains Per Hjul Mouritzen, Technology Manager at Aalborg University.

When purchasing new AV accessories, the AV managers provide training for IT staff in how to use the accessories and make sure that teaching staff have the opportunity to get the instruction they need.

New 25,000 lumen installation projectors

When rsity decided decided to purchase a number of larger projectors for their assembly halls and large auditoriums the project was put out to tender.

Because the projectors were intended for use in large, bright spaces where blackout curtains are not permitted, one of the requirements was that the lights should be powerful.

Service – and the ability to use the projectors with existing programs – was given high priority, and product quality made up around 50 per cent of the tender criteria, alongside the standard requirements for screen size and audio coverage.

Aalborg University chose the brightest laser projector, Epson's EBEB-L25000U. At 25,000 lumens, it delivers a particularly sharp image – even in rooms with plenty of daylight.

"We set out a series of requirements, and Epson met them. We have also had good experiences with Epson’s products and felt confident about their quality and after-sales service.

"They are also good at holding 'shoot-outs', where they compare the image their products can achieve with those of the competition’s models. These show that Epson's colours are simply better, and that is something we feel is important," says Mouritzen.

During testing, employees and students alike commented on the clear images cast by the new projectors and also expressed how much they are looking forward to using them.

The university soon saw the benefits of its new projectors. At the New Year’s banquet, the feedback was very positive, attendees were particularly impressed by the sharpness of the images.

There is one thing in particular that Mouritzen believes will get attention: "The bulb projectors we used before took a long time to start up because the bulb needed to warm up. The laser projectors we have now have done away with that. They start up faster than it takes the screen to come down. How could that not get positive feedback?"

Data to improve user experience

At Aalborg University, work is being done all the time to optimise IT and AV to ensure the most efficient operation, the best user experience and respect for the environment.

"We are in the process of connecting all the projectors to our network. This lets us analyse how they are used in practice, including what errors or challenges users experience.

"With this data, we can make the necessary adjustments or provide assistance if necessary. It also allows us to turn a projector off if left on in a room not in use, which benefits the environment,” says Mouritzen.

Other universities have noticed that Aalborg University is leaps and bounds ahead in IT and AV.

Mouritzen says that there is a lot of competition between academic institutions, and that others are visiting to see what they are doing.

IT operations at Aalborg University

For the last couple of years, the university has been keen to streamline IT operations, and this has meant implementing a series of measures.

There is a focus on testing systems and products thoroughly before purchasing them, and obtaining information on suppliers to get the best picture about the best to work with.

Aalborg University has tested many different brands of projector, but they come back to Epson every time thanks to the balance it strikes between quality, service and price.