Why choose inkjet for your business?

Now is the time to invest in this future-minded technology

Why choose inkjet for your business?

While so many of our competitors are scaling down their strategies and reducing their headcounts, we’re investing €50 million into our European operations. Why? Because now is the best time for Epson inkjet printers.

Over the next two years, we’re going to be increasing our current workforce by 10%, and kick off our strategic shift from consumer to business markets with a focus on infrastructure, information technology, marketing and headcount.

It’s a big move made possible by our unique printer technology – at the heart of our drive for growth are the WorkForce Pro and WorkForce Pro RIPS (Replaceable Ink Pack System) inkjet printers. And they’re the perfect way for your medium or large organisation to take advantage of the ongoing shift from laser to business inkjet.

A big, bright future

“We’re only just scratching the surface of the opportunities for inkjet printers – and already, the workplace has identified the benefits, and is beginning to shift away from laser printing,” explains Rob Clark, Senior Vice President, Epson Europe.

“With new generations of high-speed, energy-efficient business inkjet printers, we’re looking forward to the next five to ten years being big for growth – and we’re hoping to work with large corporations across sectors such as retail, healthcare, education and public admin to deliver the inkjet technology they’re looking for.

“Our position is simple: business inkjet printing is our biggest opportunity for growth in Europe, and your biggest opportunity for future-proof workplace technology.”

The go-to choice for business

We can prove it, too. Industry research firm IDC has reported that business inkjet printing represents a €38 billion market opportunity in Europe. Almost 2.2 million business inkjet printers were shipped in 2014, with Germany, France and the UK leading the pack1.

If that’s not enough, IDC also found that one in four products sold to the typical office environment in 2014 were business inkjet printers – with sales rates steadily growing towards the end of the year2.

With the technology becoming the go-to choice for businesses across a wide variety of sectors, the forefront of the inkjet printing revolution is, quite naturally, where we belong.

And the benefits of the technology are the ones we’re striving to share with our customers: cost reduction, increased productivity, lower environmental impact. With inkjet printing forecast to account for 34% of the total business printer market by 20193, this investment is a critical step today, that we might harness the potential tomorrow.

To find out more about Epson’s range of business inkjet printers visit: www.epson.co.uk/businessinkjet

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