What you need to know about creating an epic photo booth this Halloween

From printable props to dramatic backdrops, check out our top tips for creating a photo booth that will capture the fun and spirit of Halloween

What you need to know about creating an epic photo booth this Halloween

Want to plan a party that no one can forget – for the right reasons? Bring your Halloween party to life with a photo booth that will capture this special and spooky time of year.

There’s nothing mystical about creating a great photo booth - follow our advice to ensure you capture some photos with family and friends.

1.It’s all about the props

No photo booth is complete without props! Kids love being silly in photos, so what could be more fun than an assortment of masks for them to choose from? We provide a free printable witch, Frankestein’s monster, zombie, vampire teeth and skull mask, that can be easily assembled ahead of your party. Fuss free and fun, these easy, printable sheets just need cutting out and attaching to sticks. 

2. Frame your shot

Ensure your pictures gain lots of likes by getting the framing right. You’ll want to leave plenty of room to gather a few people of different heights and sizes with the backdrop covering the entire scene. Experiment with getting someone to stand where you’re planning to locate the photo booth, so that you don’t end up ghoulishly cutting off someone’s head in the photo.

3. Decoration is key

Now that you’ve positioned your photo booth, you can start thinking about how to decorate it. Set a spooky scene with a velvet fabric to create a lair a vampire would be proud of, or go for something more fun and contemporary with a wall of coloured and black balloons. To give your photos even more definition, get guests to hold and stand behind an empty photo frame. This can also be decorated and personalised with your party theme, the date and your party hashtag.

4. Increase your chances of success

Asking kids to listen to instructions when they’re in party mode can be quite a challenge. Get everyone to stand where you want in the photo booth by marking out the boundaries with some masking tape on the floor. To give yourself the best chance of getting a good photo, set your camera to take multiple shots. If you’re taking pics on a smartphone, check out how to do a burst of photos ahead of the special night - it can be as simple as holding down your thumb.

5. Plan your slot

Halloween parties are packed filled with fun from costume competitions to bobbing for apples. Make sure your efforts don’t go to waste by planning a slot in the night to use the booth. Before you round everyone up, get them in a monster mood and ready for some silly photos with Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ or Bobby Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’.

Head over to the Kids’ Corner to get our free printable Halloween props for your photo booth. You’ll also find a wider range of fun, free and creative Halloween themed activities.

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