What makes Barcelona different?

Apart from its business printers, of course.

What makes Barcelona different?

Barcelona is justifiably famous for many things: its proud heritage, culture, and cuisine; the sublime architecture of Antoni Gaudi; its world-renowned football club, golden beaches and much, much more.

As a tourist attraction, it has few equals.

But Barcelona is also a thriving post-industrial economic powerhouse. So, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that somewhere as individual and outward-facing has a thriving technology centre.

Or that Barcelona Tech City has looked beyond the obvious to meet its printing requirements.

Watch the short video below to see why this ambitious, private non-profit organisation, whose latest project Pier01 is home to many diverse companies, and connect many more, has chosen Epson business inkjet printers over traditional laser products.

Some of the reasons for that choice are straightforward; sustainability, for example, was key to influencing the decision – particularly reduced energy consumption and waste.  

But as with Barcelona itself, it’s not just one factor that makes business inkjets shine.

Instead, it’s a combination of advantages and benefits. For example, the fact that it’s a cool technology. (If you’ve ever spent any time sharing an office with a laser printer, you’ll know how uncomfortably warm it can get.)

Then there’s the ability to integrate and communicate with a vast array of user devices and appliances. And the no-fuss way that these quiet, reliable machines just get on with the job, delivering high quality prints day in, day out.

It’s the breadth of what it has to offer that makes Barcelona different. You could say that the same applies to Epson business inkjet printers.