What does it take to plan a pregnancy reveal?

From epic pranks to intimate moments with family and friends, check out our top tips for your big announcement

What does it take to plan a pregnancy reveal?

We know a little something about what it's like to be present when a big surprise is revealed. Three amazing English, French and German speaking families invited us to be there when they unveiled to their children that they were expecting another baby. 

It was a part of the campaign for our EcoTank printer, which is designed to set families up to enjoy the busy, brilliant years ahead with three years' worth of ink. That means there's enough ink to print out all of those pesky forms and necessary instruction manuals, but also all the lovely bits too, such as family photos, party invites and activities for the kids. If you haven't seen it yet, click here to view the video. 


But we're not content with stopping there, we want to help even more people have fun with this exciting moment in their lives. We've created a range of printables and pulled together some top tips to help expecting families share their happy news. 

The how and where

If you look to the internet for inspiration, you can find everything from the most modest of ideas to elaborate pranks that involve a whole cast of people to create an epic reveal moment. While a prank might be memorable, it's worth considering your audience and to be thoughtful with your approach. 

Why not make your reveal personal by including people's interests – an accountant grandfather was given a bib to unwrap with the slogan 'Income Tax Deductible'. Location can play a major factor for some - one couple got around that by playing the baby's heartbeat over the phone to their family. If you prefer to keep things simple a personalised card can form part of a personal announcement as well as providing a memento.

Celebrate the occasion

However you choose to reveal your pregnancy to family and friends, it can be fun to create a photo to savour the moment. You could even share it on social media to reveal the pregnancy to your wider group of family and friends. If you choose this route, a placard held up by your loved one will ensure the news is crystal clear.

Keeping everyone happy

Whether it's planning a wedding or announcing a new baby, it can be easy to get caught up trying to keep everyone else happy.  This is your special time, so keep the focus on how you want to celebrate this special occasion. It might be that you prefer to keep things quiet and low key – the choice is yours.

Have a plan

While it might not be about fulfilling other people's expectations, be certain that everyone understands what they can say and when, to friends, family and acquaintances.  It goes without saying that news travels fast these days with social media and text messages, so make sure everyone is clear on your wishes. 

Head over to our Kids’ Corner to get our free printable pregnancy reveal cards and placards designed for creating special moments that will last forever with your baby's siblings, grandparents, aunties, uncles and future babysitters (AKA best friends).