What are we doing to catch the climate culprits?

We’re targeting old, inefficient office equipment to reduce environmental impact

What are we doing to catch the climate culprits?

“Think before you print.” Many email signatures now include this well-intentioned piece of advice in an attempt to make the sender feel a bit more virtuous. Still, so few of us actually listen. But that’s not to say that the fight for sustainability is already lost – in fact, it’s only just getting started.

In many offices, old and inefficient IT equipment is just as big a culprit for waste as the people. It’s no secret, either. A recent survey of European IT experts1, shows that an increasing number of businesses are looking to upgrade their outdated technology in a step towards more sustainable operations. In fact, 62% said that sustainability has become significantly more important to them.

Dreams of a paperless office

While in most cases, these dreams have remained just that, there are ways to reduce waste – and we’ve got a few ideas of our own.

It’s quite simple, really: we want to reduce electricity use, CO2 emissions and waste with efficient printers and high-yield ink packs. And we’re doing it, too. Our business inkjet printers offer savings of over 90% in all those categories. With these figures, we’re set to meet our sustainability goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 90% across the entire product life cycle – for your business and our planet.

And we’re not alone. Many companies have indeed adopted sustainability as a core value. A survey by McKinsey & Company reveals that 43% of executives say their companies seek to align sustainability with overall business goals, mission, or values – up from 30% that said so in 2012.

Making your move

For your business, the incentives to upgrade to more environmentally friendly technology are coming from inside and out. The COP21 climate summit in Paris, for example, has alerted many to the important of sustainable business practices, and the EU is striving to develop a low carbon economy by 2050. While internally, it’s more about business image and the bottom line.

“Making the switch to newer, greener products not only helps the environment, but can also result in significant business benefits – from cost savings to boosting morale,” says Epson President Minoru Usui.

We’re not stopping with printers, either. Even the most efficient printer can’t curb paper waste, which is why we developed PaperLab – an on-site service that shreds paper waste and turns it into new paper. First presented at the 2015 Eco-Products trade fair, with a European release yet to be announced, it’s another example of our creative solutions for future-proof business.

It’s with Epson in your business that sustainability is made simple, effective and affordable. Our targets are ambitious, but our challenges are great – and together we can overcome them to build a more sustainable, profitable, successful future. Perhaps the signoff at the end of our emails should instead read: “Think outside the box before you print.”

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1Conducted by Epson at CeBIT trade fair, 2015