Welcome to the future of office printing

Welcome to a world of high performance and low environmental impact.

Welcome to the future of office printing

A world where energy-efficient RIPS inkjet printers for the office produce quality printouts at unbeatable speeds.

A world where electricity bills do not contain bad surprises.

A world with no laser printers?

This world is already reality for PromiGroup.

Over the past years, this important Italian Corporate Dealer has devised and provided only RIPS inkjet printers for the office.

This short video shows the advantages of switching from a 40-year-old laser technology to the future with a RIPS inkjet printer for the office and how PromiGroup came to make this choice.

PromiGroup must have seemed really brave when they chose to provide exclusively RIPS inkjet printers.

But the results achieved by their clients have rewarded this courage and some more.

These include significant reductions in energy consumption, followed by savings in electricity costs which are just as important.

(And if all companies make the switch from laser printers to Epson RIPS inkjet printers for the office, truly surprising results in terms of potential savings could be achieved across Europe.)

Energy consumption reduction is just one of many advantages.

RIPS inkjet printers for the office are mechanically simpler than laser printers, so they require less user intervention.

They are greener - ink changes take just seconds and there are none of those toner smells.

Furthermore, they are based on a no-heat technology unlike laser printers. This means they do not require heat, and, consequently, there is no warm-up time, so that first page is ready much sooner. And a reduction of the replaceable parts means less waste.

Now let us hear from Piero Antonio Fretto, PromiGroup:

“We are no longer selling a product, but a “model”: a green printing solution based on RIPS inkjet technology … for printing according to a series of very important principles and criteria, including environmental impact, energy consumption and pollution produced by replaceable parts.”