Welcome to our B2B technology blog

We’ve launched this blog to share stories and ideas about how technology can benefit a range of market sectors from healthcare and education, to business, retail and the home - both now and for the future.

Welcome to our B2B technology blog

Welcome to Epson Insights!

On this blog we’ll tell stories about how Epson, as a global technology leader, contributes to all aspects of life from healthcare and education, to business, retail and the home – both now and for the future. From the clothes you wear, to the challenges your business faces and your personal fitness goals, we’re there with technology solutions, and we want to reflect that on Epson Insights.

This is also where you can catch a first glimpse of the colourful and ingenious ways our engineers are working with corporations, creative industries and the public sector to help them ‘exceed their vision’ and achieve your needs.  We’ll share research, expert insights, and real life case studies of how our compact, energy efficient technologies are changing the world around us.

But I hope too that through this platform we can communicate something about our unique people, culture and history and that we will equally have the opportunity to learn more from you – our community – about what you value.

As well as publishing insights from senior business and thought leaders from within Epson internationally, we’ll also invite external experts, commentators, journalists and bloggers to bring their views to our community.

We want to talk about technology requirements and innovation in an entertaining way and from a user perspective.  So I ask you to please, let us know if we’re not living up to this ambition, or if there’s anything else that you’d like us to share. We’re always looking to improve.

I’m very excited by this project because I believe that while many people have a perspective on Epson, our environment, company, strategy, products and partnerships are developing constantly, and this blog will help us as a community of European businesses, home users and technology enthusiasts to stay informed, connected and on course to ‘exceed our vision’.

So once again, welcome to Epson Insights.