Track every beat with Epson Pulsense

Epson launches new range of wearable heart rate activity monitors

Track every beat with Epson Pulsense

Epson has today announced the launch of PulsenseTM – a range of activity monitors that combine an optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer to accurately monitor heart rate, activity levels, calorie burn and sleep patterns, 24 hours a day.

The new Pulsense products feature an Epson-developed optical sensor, which measures tiny changes in light reflecting through the skin as blood passes through the vessels. This feature means that Pulsense can take advantage of the close correlation between the wearer’s heart rate, activity, sleep and calorie burn to provide users with highly accurate information about their lifestyle, 24 hours a day.

Working alongside an accelerometer, the device is able to track steps, distance, calories, sleep quality and heart rate across five zones, and even show how state of mind is affecting the user’s heart rate. Additionally, wearers can also use the sleep phase alarm to wake up at the optimal time, to start the day the right way.

Using the device’s Bluetooth Smart connection, wearers can use the Pulsense View app to review and interpret their activity. To begin with, Pulsense analyses the user’s heart rate while they are asleep. The device’s algorithms then use this information, along with the user’s age, sex, height, weight and heart rate data, to create a host of simple dials and graphs that can be viewed through Epson’s free smartphone app.

Data can be reviewed over day, week or month time periods so users can closely monitor trends and make small changes to their lifestyle to improve their wellbeing and health. Calorie intake and weight can be inputted and tracked over time and Epson has even created a weekly summary report email that is sent to users to keep them motivated and focused.

The Pulsense PS-100 wristband weighs in at just 31g. Featuring a simplified LED display, the device continuously monitors heart rate throughout the day and can be connected to smart devices for a more detailed, real time view of activity and heart rate data.

For those wanting to see their data displayed on the device, as well as through an app, Epson has also revealed the Pulsense PS-500 that features an LCD display capable of showing heart rate, the number of steps walked and calories burnt, as well as the date and time. It can also be connected to a computer or smart device to provide a more detailed insight into your health and fitness.

Additionally, users can set both devices to alert them when they have an incoming phone call, email or calendar alert.

Activity and Exercise

During activity, an LED light system indicates which heart rate zone the user is in so that they can maintain their level. By using Epson’s app, wearers can review the amount of time spent in five detailed heart rate zones or three simplified zones. Displaying clear and easy to use progress charts, the Pulsense View app enables users to set goals and check improvement over short and long periods of time. In addition, the app’s instant heart rate meter means that during a work out the user can monitor their heart rate to ensure they are in the correct zone for their training purposes.

Sleep Monitoring

The Pulsense products can detect when the user is sleeping and observe quality of sleep. They monitor the sleep cycle and detect when users are in a period of deep restful sleep and when they are in a light restless phase, based on their heart rate. An alarm can also be set to wake up the wearer at the optimum time according to their sleep cycle.

Target setting and tracking

By using the Epson app, users can set their desired weight and how quickly they want to reach their target. Pulsense will automatically set daily targets for the amount of calories consumed, calories burned and time to exercise in the fat burning zone. Over time users can then track their progress towards their targets.

Simon Hanly, product manager at Epson UK, commented: “Pulsense marks a new chapter in Epson’s history of pioneering new technology. Since we first began developing optical heart rate sensing products in Japan, we have been able to refine and minimise the technology to create a range of products that can outperform and offer more benefits than those currently on the market. Through our rich manufacturing heritage, we have developed a range of unique products that will help people maintain a healthy lifestyle, while reaching their fitness goals.”

The Epson Pulsense PS-100 is available in turquoise and black, priced at £129.99. The PS-500 is available in black, priced at £169.99. Both products will be available from September 2014. 

Built-in continuous, 24 hour Heart Rate (HR) and activity monitoring
Target setting based on user weight objectives, including motivational daily goals based on long or short-term targets
Sleep phase wake-up alarm
Keeps track of calorie intake from meal logger and calories burned based on heart rate data
HR-based sleep cycle tracking
Measures steps taken and calculates distance walked
Smartphone and web apps translate user data for easy review and analysis
View your heart rate in real time for heart rate zone training
Receive weekly summary emails from Epson
Track how your state of mind effects you heart rate
Water resistant 3 bar
Battery life (with continuous heart rate monitoring)36 hours36 hours
Hours of data storage480480
Vibrate function, alerts
Alert notification for incoming phone calls, emails and calendar entries
Connection to PC-
Sync with Bluetooth SmartBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0