Top five feel-good films

Make the most of your movies with a home cinema projector

Top five feel-good films

While some people bounce into the New Year filled with optimism and enthusiasm, there are others among us in need of a little cheer. Most of us are familiar with the New Year blues when you’re settling back into work, it’s cold and wet outside, and you’ve realised just how much of a battering your bank account has taken.

But there’s no need to venture outside into the cold - why not give yourself a boost with some feel-good films in the comfort of your home? With a home cinema projector, you can create the big-screen experience in your living room with a super-sized display. Our projectors will bring your movies to life in more detail with exceptional colour, contrast and brightness. Plus, you’ll save on the cost of cinema tickets, travel and those excessively priced snacks and drinks – ideal when you’re trying not to splash out.

To help inspire you, we’ve brought together our recommendations for feel-good movies to raise your spirits. We’ve even gathered some fun facts about each film for you to entertain and intrigue your guests.

The Jungle Book

What’s not to love about the 2016 live action and CGI adaptation of The Jungle Book? Drawing on Rudyard Kipling’s original story, it follows a young boy raised by animals in the jungle, and gives a fresh take on the classic songs written for Disney’s first animated film of the same name. So sit back and feast on the spectacular scenery and glorious colours in this new feel-good classic that all the family can enjoy.

Fun film facts for your friends

  • The original novel comprises not one but 14 short stories, and Mowgli (the young boy) isn’t always the main character1 .
  • Mowgli’s name is mispronounced in the films. Kipling's daughter said that the first syllable of his name should rhyme with cow rather than show2 .
  • Actress Lena Headey, famed for her recent role in Game of Throne’s as Cersei Lannister, featured in Disney’s 1994 live action adaptation of the film1 .

Love Actually

If you still haven’t had your fill of the festive season yet, this star-studded classic from director Richard Curtis is sure to please. This early noughties film set in London features the love lives of several couples in the lead up to Christmas.

Fun film facts for your friends

  • The final film had 12 separate love stories, but the director originally had the idea for two separate films based on Colin Firth’s and Hugh Grant’s storylines3 .
  • To make her look heavier, Emma Thompson (an overlooked wife) was asked to wear a fat suit in the film to bulk up her small frame4 .
  • Andrew Lincoln’s character’s declaration of love using giant cards and a marker pen was inspired by Bob Dylan’s music video for "Subterranean Homesick Blues"5 .

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Based on Helen Fielding’s popular novel, this romantic comedy follows the thirty-something, accident-prone yet delightful, Bridget Jones. If you’ve got those New Year pangs of "where is my life heading", Bridget’s clumsy quest to find love and the perfect job, is sure to make you smile.

Fun film facts for your friends

  • To prepare for her role, Renée Zellweger lived and breathed the life of her character Bridget Cavendish by going to work in the London publishing house Picador for three weeks6.
  • Zellweger nailed the British accent by living in the UK for three months and using it every day and throughout filming. In fact, fellow actor Hugh Grant said he didn’t hear her natural accent until the film’s wrap party6.
  • Wine experts believed that Bridget’s tipple of choice, Chardonnay wine, actually experienced a decrease in sales after the film7.

Forrest Gump

Overcoming all manner of challenges and adversities, Tom Hanks’ lovable Forrest Gump takes part in some of the most memorable events of the later 20th century. It’s an inspirational watch that’s sure to fire you up for the rest of the year.

Fun film facts for your friends

  • Prior to Tom Hanks accepting the role, John Travolta, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray all turned down the part of Forrest8.
  • Keep your eyes peeled during the film and you’ll spot that Forrest has his eyes closed in every photo he appears in onscreen8.
  • Sally Fields who plays Tom Hanks’ mother in the film is only ten years older than him – bravo to the make-up, hair and wardrobe team9.

The Goonies

In this swashbuckling, adventure, a gang of misfit kids search for buried treasure to save their neighbourhood from developers. Watch the gang as they courageously outwit a family of crooks to secure a pirate’s hidden fortune. If you’ve been enjoying the recent eighties revival, this family-friendly film is sure to tick all the boxes. 

  • Sean Astin, who played lead character Mikey, kept the prop map that appears in the film as a memento. But his mother, unaware of what value it could accrue, threw it out10.
  • Fans of Steven Spielberg movies may be aware that he regularly makes references to James Bond. Look out for Data’s belt which has "007" inscribed on it, and the James Bond theme tune (as he slides over to Mikey’s)10.
  • Unfortunately, director Richard Donner wasn’t able to use the kids’ first reaction to the pirate ship, as many of them cursed with excitement11.

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