The smaller, the better

Epson shrinks ink packaging by up to 16%* , without reducing the quantity of ink

The smaller, the better

Epson has unveiled ink packaging for a selection of its home and home office ranges that is up to 16% smaller than its predecessor – without it affecting the quantity of ink. This move is positive for the environment, while also giving customers greater choice in-store.

Mark Karsey, supplies manager, Epson Europe, says, “The Japanese philosophy, ‘Sho Sho Sei’,  which means, ‘efficient, compact precision’, influences everything we do at Epson. By reducing the size of our packaging, we can give customers more choice and minimise our impact on the environment. Ultimately, we’re able to deliver more efficient packaging, while maintaining and potentially improving our customers’ experience.”

Epson has innovatively reconfigured its packaging, while also ensuring that customers continue to receive the same quantity of ink. Its multipack packaging will decrease in width from 192mm to 162mm, offering a total reduction of up to 16%. Its single packs will also reduce by 13%, from 112mm to 97mm in width.

Thanks to this improvement, it will free up display space giving retailers the opportunity to display a broader range of Epson inks. This will enhance the retail experience as customers will be able to enjoy a greater selection of inks in-store.

In addition to minimising the size and weight of the individual cartridge packaging, the master carton that is used to transport the ink cartridges has also been decreased in size and consequently, weight. These changes will reduce the overall carbon footprint of the packaging on the environment from logistics, and is part of Epson’s commitment to reducing CO2  emissions by 90% by 2050*.

The new packaging will be available in-store from January 2017 (as stock rotates).

Ink cartridges featuring new compressed packaging:

Ink familyInk codeSingle packs Multipack(s)
Pen & crossword 16/16XL/16XXL
Elephant 24/24XLNo change
Polar bear26/26XLNo change
Alarm clock27/27XL/27XXL
Oranges33/33XLNo change
Epson shrinks ink packaging by up to 16%
A selection of Epson’s home and home office multipacks will decrease in width from 192mm to 162mm, offering a reduction of up to 16%.

Epson’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions by 90% by 2050
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