The Human Milk Foundation (HMF) becomes Epson’s official new charity partner in the UK

The two-year young Harpenden-based charity HMF and Epson’s 400-strong UK organisation in Hemel Hempstead enter into a three-year partnership after the charity win the vote from Epson employees

The Human Milk Foundation (HMF) becomes Epson’s official new charity partner in the UK

5th September 2019 – The Human Milk Foundation (HMF), a charity that provides screened donor milk to sick, premature babies in NICUs, and to mothers with cancer and other conditions, has become the official charity partner to Epson’s UK-based organisation. The three-year partnership is part of Epson’s commitment to give back to the local community. HMF were selected after winning the vote from Epson employees from a small selection of charities shortlisted from local non-profit organisation.

The Human Milk Foundation, conceived in 2017, set up the Hearts Milk Bank (HMB) in order to provide equitable access to donor milk and to initiate research. The HMB has since grown to provide screened donor milk to hospital neonatal units across the southeast, London, East Anglia and beyond. 

Dr Natalie Shenker, cofounder and Trustee of the Human Milk Foundation, says: “We are beyond excited to be working with Epson as a charity partner over the next 3 years. Our charity was only founded last year, but everyone in it has an incredible passion to help babies and parents. The Hearts Milk Bank, based just a few miles from Epson at the Rothamsted Institute, sent out the 2000th litre of donor milk to a hospital to feed very sick babies just this week. We are sure that with the support of everyone at Epson, many more projects can start that will fundamentally improve the care of families and babies across the country.”

Daniel Quelch, CSR & sustainability manager for Epson UK, says: “The Human Milk Foundation are a wonderful organisation who made an immediate and emotional connection with our employees. The partnership will extend far beyond financial contributions, and I’m confident that the increase of awareness, volunteering opportunities and product support will help the HMF continue their momentum of growth so that they can support more and more families across the country. Epson is always striving to align with the UN’s sustainability development goals (SDGs) across the globe, and we are excited to be supporting good health and well-being on a local level here in the UK.

For more information about the Human Milk Foundation and to learn how you can show your support, please visit their website: You can also follow them onTwitter and Facebook.